United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Successful Transaction

Our shipper, Southern MD Moving and Storage, was a good pick. Mike and Robert kept in touch with us and let us know when there were delays which could set us back, but they pulled it out even after having the truck stuck in what may have been quick-sand for nearly a day at another stop! With only slight adaptations to the plan, they were able to make the pick-up time frame (2-day window) and hav ...

Arizona's Best Moving Company is the BEST

Arizona's Best Moving Company, LLC is truly the BEST. The service they offered us would have cost more anywhere else, but they gave us a great deal. My daughter moved from KY to CA to help me with my other grandchildren who I raise. We are on a fixed income and Arizona's Best Moving Company gave us a great price. I would use them again if needed and I highly recommend. God Bless you Arizona's Best ...

Highly recommended.

You can't go wrong with these movers. Highly recommended.

Kitty Cats! Great Long Distance Move!

We have had items in storage in Las Vegas, NV for 4 years. We called on Robert to ship our items all the way to New Haven, CT. As soon as I heard his voice and assurance I knew everything was going to be O.K.:) There were a few very special things that I really wanted which was my daughters baby pictures, Ninja Swords,Panther inn tables, and a picture of a panther sitting on top of the world. It w ...



Mover great, Uship leaves something to be desired.

The bid for this shipment was some seventy-odd dollars over what the shipper was actually charging, because Uship had to have a deposit "which would be returned because you are a first-time shipper." A week later, it is still not back in my account, and we very badly need it. What give, Uship? call me, or email me, but let me know why you are not making good on your promise!

Great experience with U ship

I was moving from arizona to Ny and I didn't exactly have a lot of time because i had to be back in ny for a job. My buddy whom made a similar move late last year recommended u ship. I was skeptical about receiving bids from independent movers. However Legal transportation dropped a bid and upon investigating their credentials I felt comfortable using them. It turned out to be the best case scenar ...

made my cross-country move smooth and painless

I hate moving, especially the packing part of moving. Bob and his lovely wife made sure that all of my boxes were stashed safely in his van, and they wrapped my furniture and other items so that they arrived with nary a scratch. He was also just a pleasant guy to interact with. Due to a snag with another client and payment, he was not able to deliver on the expected date, but he called and noti ...


nice pick up in NYC and delivery to GA thanks

car stereo display

everything went well from beginning to end . shipment arrived in great shape. was earlier than expected. good communication all the way through transaction.would use again.thank you for your services.

small load misc items

This mover was an excellent fit for my small load of personal items. Affordable and ahead of schedule. Friendly yet professional. Highly recommended.


I relocated from Evanston, Il to Charlotte, Nc and I thought that I was going to pay a arm and a leg. I used uship and found the best company for the job that did not try to break my pockets.

Great Flexibility!

As sometimes happens, we had quite a few more items than we first estimated. We were able to negotiate a price quickly and easily that satisified all parties. This was really appreciated and saved us from having to move a bunch of stuff ourselves! Thanks so much! Lance Rengstorf

Moving as family member when mental health is involved

My Dad has been diagnosed w alzheimers and so is very forgetful in what desisions were made in what was going where. Our movers were very patient and understanding in the whole reminding him of why things were or were not being pacted. I would recommend these gentleman for any one out there.

Great experience moving single bedroom apt

I really saved a lot of cash by listing my move in uship. I had initially contacted the individual moving companies and I had an estimate of around $1500 to move from Nebraska to Kansas. When I listed in uship, I immediately had a number of offers, and the move cost me only $500. My provider was also very professional, no complaints and everything arrived safely. Provider was firstclassmoving, an ...

Huge move from Ohio to California

We decided to move our family to California as we were sick of the winters in Ohio. Since we had to pay for the move ourselves we started to look around as ways to do the move inexpensively. We interviewed national movers, looked at renting a truck, and decided to use Uship. We were very fortunate to find a wonderful shipper that was honest, and great to work with. They drove 2200 miles for us ...

Excellent job.

I ended up in the hospital a few days before our move and was not going to be out until after the move. My husband was worried that things would not go well. He need not have worried. Everything went exceptionally well. Thank you.

A truly good experience

When a relative moved away, she left a kingsize bed etc. for our grandson, who is moving to Newport Beach. Through the internet I found UShip and our service provider did a wonderful job. 2 young man worked very professionally. We enjoyed watching them. Everything looked great in the new place. We certainly will recommend them to anyone. Though they worked longer then 2 hours, they charged us only ...


Dear all, I have to move my apt stuff like queen bed, TV , dining table , kitchen stuff, computer desk , table chairs lot of boxes etc from Canton to Farmington Hills. I put a advt in uship and got the bid from DK Moving (David Bodary & Co) and delivery service . They are very professional movers and did a great job by moving my stuff quick and fast without any time delay. I liked their pun ...

superb, honest service

Difficult move. We had to move items from my mother's apt in a senior citizens PA to our home in TX. We has to leave before the pick-up. Altho the person at the home was not helpful, the Co. did everything to make this work, even a second trip -- and did not even increase the price! Great job, efficient, kept us up-to-date, and were just great overall. You can get good help!!!!

Valued family memorabilia

After the loss of my father and wondering how I would get those larger items I was not able to bring back on a plane, I was very fortunate to find UShip and the ease of working with this internet service. My service provider was very easy to work with as well. He was polite and efficient. This was my first experience in working with UShip and I would not hesitate to use this internet service a ...

out of town move

Jeff was on time and he really worked hard to get all my things out into the truck. two of my items wear distroyed and Jeff was willing to work a deal his father was not he was kind of rude and kept telling me that my shelf was cheap and that's why it got tour up.



Great experience with household move

Andrew and team arrived on time and ready to work. They started the minute they arrived and worked until our whole house was relocated. We had items to move from 3 levels and into 3 levels and they did an awsome job. Andrew is very high energy, communicated well and did everything we asked of him and more! We are very pleased.

I had a successful full-service move through U-Ship

I was able to get my furniture across the country for less money than anywhere else. It was a great move!

Furniture Shipping

I used USHIP to ship furniture that was given to me from Atlanta GA, to Washington DC. I had price ranging from 600 - 200 for this within 3 days. USHIP, is great at the time of the bid, the emailed and called, to let me know a new bid was placed. This is a great service, and I will definitely use it again. Thank USHIP

good experience shipping household items

Would use Uship again and also Terry. Good work!

Pete and Angela delivered!

This was a great company to work with. THey moved us from Delaware to Oklahoma. They were prompt and really took their time carefully packing all of our stuff. We actually had more then we thought but they were ok with it and fit everything. They kept in touch with us on the road and delivered everything on time and not one piece was damaged or lost. We had a great experience with this company and ...

china cabinet

Thank-you uShip community,I was a first time user and quite scared to give out my information. WHO NEW IT WOULD BE SO EASY AND VERY FRIENDLY.The service was excellent and so was the communacation.My 97 year old cabinet arrived in excellent shape.I will tell everyone about this site,it is truly awsome!

Amazing job moving two apts in one day!

It was an amazing job done by Eric and his partner.

5 pc. bedroom set

I was shipping bdrm set to my daughter in law. The u ship site was great. It saved me big bucks. It was easy to use and I received great responses. the shipper was efficient and courteous. I would use Uship again and again. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Daughter's cross country move

I had a really good experience with Uship. Everything was handled very well. My only advice for anyone is that the person moving needs to communicate with the provider and not let a third party(a Dad in my case) handle the move, but overall Uship was great and I highly recomend them for any moving needs

Great Movers!

Jerry and his team were fantastic. I was incredibly pleased. I have never used professional movers before because of the price. This moving company was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Great overall experience!

The movers were great and lived up to all my expectations. Uship was really easy to use and best of all I'm not getting moving telemarketers harassing my phone like other websites I used!

uShip Service is Great!

uShip service is very good, very organized and just a great idea. Thank you for helping everyone find a good place to go to ship your stuff without wondering if you're going to get taken for a ride. Good job!!

My son moved from Detroit to Atlanta

My son got a job in Atlanta. He wanted the recliners that were in my living room, two dressers his grandmother gave him, a full size bed from his brother and I also wanted him to have most of his stuff out of my house. He closed on his home on a Tuesday. My husband decided he was going to rent a u-haul. The u-haul was $900 plus gas and travel time. I went online to see if there was a way t ...

uShip experience

I just found out about this service and I am exceptionally pleased by the ability to get a reasonable price from well evaluated providers.

Frantic Move

What a great site and what a great company I hooked up with...I was 3 weeks from interview to relo'ing to another city for work. And they made it all happen. Great people, just lovely. All my things are safe and sound, they were great communicators, I just cannot say enough. Have recommended this site and the company I worked with to friends. What a fab experience on what could have been a ...

little bit interesting

one interesting note was how i learned about Uship. I was planning a move to austin tx and had posted my resume on dice.com. I was looking for a web application development position as a new job. One recruiter contacted me with a job opportunity with "UShip.com"! The recruiter explained that my salary requirements were not in the scope for this position. I told her that I would consider anywa ...

great experience moving my mom

The two crew were from Lithuania, very pleasant and entertaining!. They were very creative about packing some furniture that probably wasn't worth sending. I enjoyed chatting with them and kept them cool with water while they sweated. They were also the ones that unloaded at the other end. It was a very nice experience, and a great price. Thanks to Rozita too at the office!

Moving After a Fire

My apartment caught fire in the attic in March and everything had been a huge hassel, as you might imagine, from the beginning. Though most of my things were damaged by smoke or water rather than fire, it was difficult to get to everything. We had spent weeks cleaning up after the minor fire and were finally ready for the movers to come. After saying "wow" a few dozen times as they walked thro ...

Household goods

The recent death of my mother required the shipment of some of the belongings of her very modest one bedroom apartment. I had a choice of driving from Irving, Texas to Fontana, California or look for an alternate way to accomplish the transfer. Somehow the uShip site appeared when searching the internet for shipping services. Of course it is now in my favorite sites! As I read the contents ...

Moving 4+ bedroom house

My wife and I relocated from CA to TN and they were extremely good. Flexible. I called 3 days before scheduled pick up and rescheduled for following week and then called back the next day to reschedule for the original pick up date for the next day and they were able to do so. Well priced. My mother in law moved from CA to MS and she had less stuff than we did and she paid $2000 more than what we ...

good work

shipped small goods well

moving mother in law

We were moving her belongings out of a 2 bed-room condo in Houston and into a storage shed in Austin. I have no idea how much we saved because I have never hired movers before. However, the fact that my husband and I didn't have to load up and unload all of that stuff in the heat and into a little storage unit made it all worth it, especially considering the cost of gas and the rental and drivin ...

Unbelievably great last minute service

I needed to get my ex-boyfriends things out of my apartment before the end of the semester which was rapidly approaching. It was hard to work out details with his family over the phone and I was busy but I finally sat down to set up a Uship account a week before I needed to be on the road, driving back across the country. At first I worried that I wouldn't get any bids because I was asking for so ...

Big Sky Movers moved my family from one home to another.

Working with Big Sky Movers was the best "professional" moving experience we have had by far. In the last few years we have had to move many times including an out-of-state move. We have experienced the good, the average, the bad and the ugly... Initially, we were a little skeptical about uship because one can not find out who you are talking to until you accept the bid. So, we asked questi ...

Made moving my daughters things so easy.

This is the second time using U-Ship. I was at a loss when it came to moving my daughters things across country. U-Ship make things so easy without using big commercial transports that would not be able to make my time constraints since they always have 2 or 3 peoples things in the truck. This worked out so great being able to use someone with just the size trailer we needed, right price range ...


I moved to Chicago for a job. I saved so much using uship and my mover. My mover was great. Took care of every single piece of furniture and box! I will definitely use this again!

Great experience shipping my furniture

My Grandpa got remarried and my parents remodeled at about the same time. They both had odd sized furniture to give me, but I had no way to get it here. I checked into renting a truck, but that just wasn't feasible. I left a posting on uShip, just to see what would happen. I was surprised at how many bids I received and how quickly I received them. I was able to get my furniture here at a f ...

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