United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Excellent experience shipping our apartment furniture and belongings across country

Our Daughter had previously used uShip, had a very positive experience and recommended them to us. We used them and were delighted! Uship connected us with a shipper who offered just the service and schedule that we were looking for at a reasonable price. The shipper performed superbly...completed the shipment Washington DC to Denver in just 3 days! Movers were professional and courteous and w ...

Great savings

UShip saved me over $1000.00!! Bill shipped my diningroom table, hutch & chairs for 1/3 of the cost of everyone else. It arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. There was only one glitch - the truck Bill came with at first was too small but he came the very next day with a bigger truck. Bill was great to work with and we expect to have more business for him in the future!

Myers Moving

Great Services. Very reliable and a joy to work with.

Fast Friendly Service

We moved a 2 bedroom Condo from Florida to Indiana. They moved everything out, wrapped our couches and furniture that way they did not get dirty or damaged. We had our stuff in less than a week in Indiana, over 1200 miles away. Very cheap considering the price of diesel. I couldn't of taken care of my shipment better than they did.AAAAA++++++++++

Great long distance home move

Very glad I used uShip for my 1300 mile move. I need to give my mom the credit for finding uShip - she read about it in her local paper and sent the article to me. It was so much easier than using "traditional" movers since I was able to put all of the information about my move on the uShip site, and at my convenience (as a busy professional, convenience is key!). I received a bid almost immedi ...


nice job

Excellent Care Taken of Antique Appliance

I searched over four years for a THOR-brand combination dishwasher/clotheswasher unit that Lustron Homes (the worlds most recognized prefabricated house) originally equipped its classic all-steel house with when manufactured in the late 1940s in Columbus, Ohio. The Whitehall Historical Society is reconstructing a Lustron within a mile of the former Lustron factory near Port Columbus International ...

Just Boxes

I was having a hard time finding affordable cost just to move boxes from a storage unit to another state. My mover was in my affordable price range, and he was personable. This is a rare combination! I am glad to have found the web site to find what I needed.

I was in Baltimore without a bed...

...then Robert's wife called and said they'd be at my house tomorrow! Wow, they weren't supposed to be here for 3-4 more days. A hung-over bum puked in the alley next to my home; the smell was horrible. These people KEPT WORKING! Fast and good at what they do...highly recommend.

Positive first experience with UShip

Antique Bedroom set was left to me when my beloved Aunt passed away in Texas. The set had been in the family for almost 100 yrs . It was of priceless value to me but the logistics of getting it back to New England was a financial obsticle. UShip was recommended so I gave it a try. When the right price came up, I accepted. The Furniture arrived and I'm happy to have it in my home. The shipper ...

Great move Chicago to Austin!

I started with a poor experience with a mover on UShip, and lost faith in movers. But I tried again and found a gem! I cannot tell you enough how appreciative I am of this service and of the 2nd mover (Seth with J&S Moving Company based out of St. Louis area) that I found on it. I am knee deep in a new job, life, place, and planning a wedding, and this experience put me at ease at a very stress ...

2 Bedroom Shipping

My wife found USHIP and requested bids when my son and our 25' boat needed to be moved out of the Florida Keys to North Carolina quickly to take advantage of a school start date. With the price of fuel, demands of our jobs, and short time deadlines, we were unable to affect the move ourselves. USHIP provided the answer and within hours we had several competitive bids to choose from. We chose the b ...


We were moving from our apartment that we stayed in for 6 years. We had a lot of stuff for us, our three kids and inventory for home business. I mean A LOT. This is the first time we hired a professional movers. before I would just rent a moving truck and hire two guys who hang around the hardware store. I found out that professional movers are more efficient and saved me time and money. Thank you ...

Great website, very helpful

We needed an inexpensive way to make a move from Florida to New Jersey. I posted an estimated shipment list just to see what type of responses I got. Although I did not take any of the first offers because it was to early and my listing was not completely accurate, I did determine that UShip was the way to go. I then created a more accurate listing and began looking through the responses. As w ...

move to deerfield beach

I had a great experience with uShip. The price was a half of the estimates of the moving companies that went home.

Moving Home

Four years ago I moved to the east. During this move I used a service that I packed my belongings on a truck and the company drove them cross-country. Moving home, a friend recommended trying uship.com. I was hesitant due to the nontraditional form of finding a moving company. I choose Legal Transporation as my provider. The service was incredible and my belongings arrived in better condition ...

Shipping stuff for my 1 bedroom apartment

I was shipping items for my 1 bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh. I've never used uShip before and I saved about $700.00. My service provider was punctual and very professional. I highly recommend using uShip.

Our Move

We moved out of a studio bedroom into a big one bedroom. We had a lot of bookshelves, a huge dresser (with a mirror on top) a computer desk lots of boxes and trash bags. Going on Uship was the best thing for us. Moving is stressful enough and finding movers doubles that. Uship took away our stress and made it easy for us to find a moving company. We used Jully Movers and they were excellent! Alber ...


Uship forces the companies to compete with each other in order to get your business, so it is very beneficial to the customer. If you like, you can set a target price, and that may work well, because in that case, only the companies who would be in your price range will communicate with you. The target price option worked for me. At first, I got bids for $1800, after setting a target price of $ ...

good experience in shipping my apartment goods

The service provider was exactly on time on picking up and delivering the goods. They were also very flexible about timing, communicated well though out the whole time and I will reccomend them for others. The only thing is as they are new in moving busines, a little bit unorganized which overcome by time.

Clueless about moving...

I needed to move a fairly small amount of stuff (a 1 bedroom apt) across country, from Philly to LA, and the research I initially did really had me worried. Most advice I got said that I should go with a local company, but many local companies, even reputable ones, have to charge a lot for cross-country moves because they don't do regular back and forth shipments to make it worth the trip. However ...

Great Move

We were moving a 2 bedroom apartment from Albuquerque to the Chicago area. We researched full-service movers, u-pack movers, and renting a truck. The best value option turned out to be the bid we received from Jason at Patriot Express. We felt confident using his services because of his 100% positive feedback under his listing. He did not disappoint us by providing excellent communication and serv ...

Outstanding job with all day local move

Maxon Movers were absolutely the best movers we've ever dealt with. They were punctual, professional and very courteous. They handled 2 moves in one day for us which made for a long day but they handled it with ease and with no damage whatsoever. They were very thorough and took great care in handling all of our stuff including some very heavy,awkward pieces of furniture. We absolutely would u ...

Outstanding all day local move..

Refer to feedback on this move and another move with the same Subject line. Both moves were on the same day and for the same customer, iship06Oseven.

Still waiting

I have been dealing with a person named Patrick Smith since May 08. The problems started from the very beginning, the date scheduled for pick up was not kept. He requested full payment which I did, but what a big mistake that was. When the furniture was actually picked up from my home it was moved by a local mover and it was only to a storage space that I paid for. I was promised that the furnitur ...

shipping new furniture

I build custom furniture for clients around the country which can't be put in boxes. Gus and his guys will always be my first choice. Call early and get on his schedule. He and his guys are all terrific.

Great tool for money conscious people

First time users of this service and are very pleased with the result. Movers (LongFa Transportation)were great and experience was positive. We will use again most definitely!!!

Great experience shipping my belongings

I moved my two bedroom townhome from Southern California to Northern CA. This was a sudden move and I was so pleased with using USHIP to find such a great mover at an amazing price. I am a completely neurotic, obsessive-compulsive planner and I had a ton of questions and concerns. My service provider was so great! He responded to all my e-mails and phone calls and was completely prepared when ...

Wonderful first time!

Having to move on a budget and being in a time crunch, I came across uShip and posted a listing in hope of shipping my stuff without being charged an outrageous amounts. In no time I was contacted with a shippering provider willing to pickup and deliver my items for the price I was able to pay. Everyhing went smoothly and arrived on time! You have to appreciate such great service!

Good experience when moving

I am a first time user of U-ship and found the whole experience very user friendly and efficient. U-ship provides a great way to contact movers. I used it to move all of my personal belongings from one apartment to another, about three hours apart. I would use U-ship again and recommend it to others. All of my belongings arrived in mint condition as promised.

chair and picture

The legs were taken off the chaise and the men spent an hour putting them back on. Luckly we had an extra piece left inside of the backing and when they called we were able to explain how to fix them and they could have left but they very patiently stayed and fixed all the legs.

forced relocation after job loss...mortgage crash!

My husband and I were forced to relocate to the mid west (where family lived) after job lay offs when the mortgage market crashed. At the time we had to put everything we owned in storage and could only bring a few limited items for the move since we were going to be living with family for a little while. Our hope was to afford to bring everything back with us asap but as funds were very limited, ...


I was blindsided by a much larger "deposit" than I thought I was gonna have to spend....since uship added another $30 tacked on at the last minute with the deposit I paid I was unhappy with that and would not use the site again. I was happy with the person who helped me, and now that I have their contact I don't need this site and their last minute tacked on fee anymore thanks.

Very prompt and helpful service moving our apt. to the midwest.

We moved a two bedroom apt. from Albuquerque to Chicago and the movers were great. They were fast, easy to communicate with during the move, patient, and extremely safe and reliable. Very positive moving experience.

Great experience shipping our household goods

This shipper (mover) did an excellent job of moving our household items with care. Not one item we packed ended up broken and not once scratch on any of our household furnishings...We were very pleased with this movers service and abililites.

Good experience with my 2-bedroom

I needed to have my entire 2-bedroom shipped from Missouri to Texas, and was facing a $500 rental fee just for a truck (not including gas and the cost of 2 movers on each end!). Uship allowed me to hire First Class Moving Services for a price comparable to what I would have paid to move myself, with MUCH less hassle. I did take it upon myself to really look at reviews, request bids, and provide an ...

I got the best price match on uShip!

I needed to move my furniture across several states. When I contacted several commercial movers I got astronomical prices. uShip gave me the opportunity to match with a mover who provided his service for a great price. Users' comments helped me tremendously in landing the best possible match. Overall I saved at least $1000 by using uShip!

Very good experience moving furniture

We needed to get living room and bedroom furniture moved from San Antonio to Austin. Erin did a very good job for us. He contacted us early on and was easy to work with. The furniture was picked up and loaded by late morning and delivered in early afternoon. This was just the kind of service we were looking for.

Exceeded our expectations.

We needed to move only a portion of our goods in order to furnish a temporary apartment while leaving our home mostly furnished to aide in the sale of the property. We saved a considerable amount of money and the service was excellent. Our service provider was flexible and efficient. They allowed us some last minute flexibility in what we chose to move without worrying about small changes in w ...

Wonderful, Stress-Free Move.

I was hesitant at first to use uship, but after communicating with a few bidders, I appreciated the ease at which I was able to reach such a huge amount of shippers. I appreciated the confidentiality of my contact information, and the ease of payment. I found a wonderful shipper who I would use again in an instant. My move was stress free and SUCH a pleasure. Thank you so much!

Awesome experience shipping my things

I had to make a big move and wasn't able to ship my things. All my household goods had to be put in storage.It was a struggle trying to find a price that I could afford. I was getting quotes ranging from $1,100 to $1,300. A friend told me about uShip so I did and within 2 days of posting I found a match. ProHydrofuelHaulers were able to match my asking price and was able to ship it during the time ...

Great experience moving my apartment

I had to move out of state for work, and my employer did not provide enough money to pay for a national mover. I was nervous about using Uship.com, but now I'm singing its praises. I put in a bid with a maximum amount I would pay and got a shipper within a few minutes. I was extremely happy with the shipper, Six 75. He and his crew were professional, friendly, trustworthy and easy to work with. ...

STRESS FREE Move from Arizona to California

MAS Moving is so great! Not only did they make my time frame, but they did two stops for me. One at my new home and the other at storage close to my home. The guys were so professional and very kind. I felt very relaxed with them handeling everything for me that I didn't even check my storage for 4 days after my move. Everything is Perfect. Thank You So Much...Cindy Hench

Awesome service

We moved from South Florida to Central MA. The entire event was very stressful as you can well imagine. Rich Johnson from Brentcity kept in touch with us to confirm the details as the moving date drew closer. I don't think our move was unique, but it was a very good experience. We had three rooms of furniture, collectible porcelain dolls, crystal, china, mucical instruments, a car, and a large mo ...

Couch moved from Phx to Colo Spgs

Sherry and Jason w/Patriot Express were the best. They made it so easy and painless. My experience with them made me feel confident in their ability to move my couch safely and in a timely manner. It was all around successful and I appreciate them so much. I plan to use them again in 9 months to move to Denver. Loved them. Kristen

38 boxs

i needed 38 boxs shipped from accros country i got quteos of 1300 to 900 i got it done for 35 id would use again

great job with the MOVERS...

Being new to the whole 'movers' thing as well as trying to find them online, I suppose uship was technically useful because I got a gist of what the going rate is. However, I realize now that it is so much more economical to try and book the movers directly. There's no almost $30 'service charge' and most book by the hour so you pay for what you use, instead of a pre-determined "this is how long t ...

The best move ever!

tom did a great job moving all our stuff with no problem. I would recommend him to anyone that need moving services. everything went as planned if you choose tom and his company you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed. thanks tom as our family is now settled in because of you.

Emergency Move.

I was forced to make a move suddenly when my daughters school district boundaries were moved and the schools enrollement capped. I needed to move into the new district before she was considered a "new" student or she would have had to attend a less desirable school, farther way. As a result, a process that would have probably taken me a couple of months was truncated to 2 weeks. Add to this th ...


I tried Uship for the 1st time. To my delight, the bid came in quickly. The Uship process was smooth, effective and very reasonably priced.

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