United States Shipping Stories (Household & Office Moves)

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Moving experience with AcrossUSA

I was a little apprehensive about the whole uShip concept but there seemed to be a number of satisfied customers out there so I thought I would give it a shot. I had left my household goods in a storage unit in Parker, Co after taking a job in Washington D.C.. Life brought me back to my to Carlsbad, Ca. and I needed to get my household goods shipped to Carlsbad. I called a few commercial compan ...

Shipment from Alaska

Uship is Great!! when problems did arise with my shipper, they,(Heather in particular) was right on it, helping to get it right. The shipment was completed, and it was definitely the best rate from Alaska. Thank You. You were a Godsend!:D:D:D:D:D


Im a 23 year old who just recently moved 850 miles from home, with only my car! U-Haul's were too expensive so my mother told me about U-ship.com.  I was afraid it was going to be expensive, maybe even close to a UHaul truck (1200) but my first few bids were great!  I listed a bed, desk, dresser, headboard/footboard, and loveseat.  I had bids a few days later. Furnitureman ...

Oasis Transportation moved my bed and it was great!


This was my first uship experience. My mom generously decided to give us her old queen size platform bed. She lives in NYC and we live in Chapel Hill, NC. I looked around online and registered with a couple of moving websites, and received emails and phone calls from about 30 shipping companies, all of which had a minimum weight or volume or price far exceeding what we wer ...

Great price, great service!

We live in Brooklyn and our stuff was in FL in a storage space. They got to Florida and packaged our stuff (wihtout any additional fees) and brought stuff up to our 19th floor apartment (for no additional charge). They accepted my phone calls willingly throughout their journey up here and assured me everything was ok and kept me posted on their arrival time. Overall, they did a good job of coming ...

Great Experience shipping my car and household items

I moved out to Arizona from Maine in Aug 2005.  I did it all myself.  I rented a dreded rental truck and me and a friend drove across country.  It was fun the first two days.. but by the 5 day I wanted to quit.  So when I decided to move back to Maine in Aug 2006 I decided to have someone ship my stuff because there was no way that I was driving a rental truck again...ever!&nbs ...

House Move

Hard workers...Where on time..

Great home moving experience

We recently moved from Michigan to Texas. Just in the nick of time to miss the early snow! Our provider was msolutions. Greg is a really nice guy. He carefully padded and loaded our home for less than the price of renting a U-haul! Even though he was having some mechanical problems with his truck, he made sure he arrived on the day promised to deliver our home safe and sound! We also had a rare&nb ...

I love uShip

I have moved twice and my daughter moved once...we are uShip Gals!

Wonderful delivery to Ohio of our furniture & personal belongings stored in Florida

We moved, rather unexpectedly, from Florida to the Ohio Valley (WV/OH) back in the beginning of February of this year, so we had to put all of our furniture and most of our personal things from our 2 bedroom apartment into storage in Florida with the intention of trying to save about $2500 to go back down to get our stuff sometime be ...

The Perfect Move

Who doesn't dread moving? With uShip, I was able to reduce hassle while cutting my costs by more than half! After getting an extremely expensive quote from a local mover, I posted my listing and quickly had several responses. Not only was I able to handle the entire transaction online, but I ended up with movers that far exceeded my expectations. Constant communication via wireless devices, f ...

Getting ready for deployment

When I first posted my shipment I had a lot of trouble finding the right person for the job, although it was very small. My husband deployed to Iraq recently and we had needed our things moved from Killeen, TX to Arizona. The move was mildly short notice, but we only had a few medium boxes, a small tv, a couple of laundry/duffle bags, a small coffee table, and some paintings. No one wanted to ...

Just as promised.

Mike took the time to make certain that all of our needs were met as far as an inventory sheet, and all of our things were packed properly and secure.  He called a few times before the date, and also while he was on the road, and a few hours before the delivery.  I would highly recommend using him for a move of any size. 

good moving experience

I moved a lot of boxes and michale was on time for pick up and drop off. everything went as planned

Household move. Wonderful experience

Thank you so much Larry. You are a great guy! Everything was p/u and delivered as agreed. Larry accepted my target price. He was very personable and professional. I would recommed him to anyone. He made my moving transition very smooth. Larry communicated with me every stp of the way. Happy Holidays!

Amazing Movers!!!

Roy helped me move from Los Angeles to Sonoma.  He was prompt extremely friendly and very professional.  What a joy.  He took all the stress out of moving.  Thanks for your great attitude.  Everyhting made it in perfect condition.

GREAT household movers

These guys were absolute gems -- their bid was reasonable, they were very professional and FAST.  They were personable young men who did a great job.  Everything arrived in perfect condition.  Their trailer is nice and spacious, and they packed it well -- again -- NOTHING was damaged in any way (and we can't say the same about the professional movers we used a year ago, who were 3x ...

the cardboard palace is now in its new place

my move originated from within a storage unit, located in north central florida. the storage space housed the combined contents of my residence and art studio, placed there when i had relocated to mid-central missouri. to be honest, i was not quite sure of how to post the listing. many items in my possession were not found on traditional moving lists--but valuable to me, nonetheless. in my sear ...

Good experience

Uship was a great tool to book my mover for my item. I worked with CarolinaMovers and Nick was great! Thanks again!

The Best Move Ever

I gladly chose to write more feedback on my Uship experience because for the 1st time ever, moving in and out of homes was not not a horrible, tedius experience. My boyfriend and I gave up city life and moved out to the country. We tried all conventional moving services and they were just too expensive. Plus we had 2 cats to move, so the stress was mounting. We tried Uship and within no time at al ...

The best move ever!

We had to move our furniture out of a storage unit in NYC to our new apartment in Nashville, TN and we only had the weekend following Thanksgiving to do it.  All the quotes from van rentals exceeded $1200.00 and that did not include gas or the time and energy it would take for us to load everything, drive it down, and bring it into the house!  On a whim I went onto the internet to see if ...

The Toolman - truly triumphant!

Thank you uShip for hooking us up,

with the Toolman, he takes the "Mover's Cup"

Prof ...

Awesome helpers

I was moving my one bedroom apt about 120 miles, and stubbled across this website, i thought it would take months to get things together and planned, but within days I was linked up with an awesome team.  On the morning of my move I had done my best to get everything together, the team I had been mathched with were ready to help, and made the moving expierence alot less painful than it r ...

One bedroom

I was quoted from many "traditional" movers at over three times that rate that Al moved my one bedroom across country for. He saved me countless hours driving, and thousands of dollars. Thanks again!

Moving from Mass. to Florida

Organization from pick-up to delivery. Excellent communications. Truthful, helpful and cooperative!

I was impressed with the easy going personality and willingness to make suggestions to me to complete my move.  I had a deadline to me and it became kattsmoving's deadline and did an excellent job.  The non-stop action of the crew was like an well training military paltoon.  The off loading request was made only once and any changes my wife wanted was performed with a hitch, and the ...

[email protected] u ship

WE MOVED FROM VA TO FL. very well done. vehicle was stored and tied down correct no damage to any furniture.was very polite'and on time.his eta. was outstanding 1100 miles in a weekend that includes loading and covering all furniture. no damage at all. 100% satisfied if i ever need somthing moved i will be sure to call Ushipit. just an  all around amazing experince. t ...

Great experience shipping my mattress and box spring

Great Mover-2 Bedroom Condo

Wayne was a great, experienced mover.  He used time very efficently and had very nice equipment.  He made this move very easy and strss free.  Anyone who is looking for a great mover will be very happy using Wayne.

Great Service , Great Folks A++++

These Guys are the Greatest, Very understanding and Compassionate People.  If you need any shipping done This is the service you need.  A++++ Service and Commitment to filling your needs for shipping. They give good old fashoned Yankee Service and friendship.  Make no mistake these Guys are the only shipping I will ever use and Recommend.  They act like old friends and We hope ...

bed and couch quickly and carefully done

These are very nice people and do not put on any attitude. They tied down the goods well and were very professional. Even though they are from out of my state, when they were in my area, they called and were very flexible with my schedule as well. They did not demand money up front and took their time to do an excellent job.

Good experience using uship

The process was as planned, the communication was good.  My stuff are in boxes still . then I can not comment more on it.  

Bandrrentals is Great

I needed to move some small items from Roseville, CA to Aurora, CO and everyone that I contacted was giving me outrageous quote for such a small qty of items.  My friend told me about U-Ship and I sent several movers a request for bid.  Bandrrentals contacted me with what was the most reasonable quote. Everyone else was quoting over 1000.00 for about less then 10 items and they came ...

Thank You uShip for a great service!

uShip enabled us to move from Texas to Massachusetts at a price we could afford! We were given quotes as high as $8000 to move our household belongings, which was WAY out of our budget. Just when I was about to give up, I discovered uShip. Initially, the bids received on uShip were very high also and I was disheartened. Then, I edited my listing with a "Book It Now" price and received accepta ...

Great job shipping my furniture

Jeff was great.  He communicated well,  was timely and the furniture arrived in the same condition as when picked up.  What more can I say.  This web site led me to what I needed and at a better price than I ever thought I could ship my furniture.

Good experience moving 1 BR apt

Shipped furniture and TV and other items including pictures and mirror coast to coast. Kim Martin did the shipping, loading and unloading. On time, good price. All in all a good experience. Would use them again.

Great Company shipping my 1 bedroom apartment

I used Wise Choice as my moving company and I am completely and totally satisified with thier service.  They kept me informed before pick up and before my delievery.  They were on time and courteous.  I didn't have anything broken and everything arrived safely.  I would definately recommend Wise Choice to anyone who has moving needs.  I know I will recommend them to all of ...

great experience shipping my furniture

the movers were very pleasant and helpful, and my furniture arrived in great condition in a timely fashion

Excellent experience relocating our family dog

We relocated to a new state and after about 9 months, we could move into our new house. Our treasured family dog was still in Indiana. I was looking for somebody I could trust with his life to ship him over several states. I found a provider that was very personable, friendly and an animal lover too. She was so flexible on the relocation of our dog, since our move-in date changed as it often ...

Shipment arrived in good shape

The only concern I had was that I should of known what space I had available on the truck that was doing the transport.This way I and the transporter would of known if he had available space for all of my household goods.We are making arrangemnts to have the rest of my household goods brought to me. My goods arrived in a timely manner and in good condition.I would recommend this transporter and US ...

Great experience shipping my household items

Oasis was very timely, flexible and efficient. Good service provider.

Great Experience shipping my austin apartment items to Los angeles

Awsome experience

I had a storage unit at Public Storage n Norfolk, VA and needed my items delivered to Jacksonville,Fl. Mostly furniture adn boxes and clothes. Dale and his associate from AtoZ shipping, unloaded the storage unit, delivered it to my front door and unloaded the furniture for me. They also saved me $400 becuase I was going to fly up there, rent a U-haul and drive it back myself. It was the best price ...

excellent shipping experience with u-ship

i had been putting off getting a table and chairs shipped to my home in ohio, as i was trying to figure out how to do it without spending alot of money. i had talked to a couple of transporters about it, and i felt the price was higher than the value to me of the items. i happened to find u-ship on the internet, and put a request together. i read a few of the profiles, and i ended up taking t ...

Relocation Saga...

I recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles.  This was my first experience on uShip.  Initially I contracted a separate service provider thru uShip.  Unfortunately, original service provider wound up being a criminal who abandoned my property at the Wisconsin state border.  Criminal charges are pending.  I contacted uShip and uShip helped me to relist my items.  ...

This site is awesome

I was recently married and my stuff was in Florida while my husbands was in Virginia. We were very much dreading the renting of a UHaul to haul my possessions 750 miles to Virginia. Through U Ship we were able to have our goods shipped at a bargain price and according to our schedule. This site combines the best features of a Priceline & an E-bay. We are satisfied customers and will gladly sp ...

Robert and Robert Sr. ROCK!

I shipped about 2 rooms worth of items, from mattress and box spring to antique chinese dresser, various pieces of artwork and even smaller boxed items.  Every last thing was accounted for and in tip top shape.  I was very nervous about shipping this beautiful glossy oak meditation table, but there really was no need for it -- it came back better than ever.  And the pillow too!  ...

Excellent Shipping of my Household Goods

better than the best

I needed to move my home from Maryland to Tennessee, I had deadlines to coordinate with, and a very strict budget to follow, and had to try and get my sisters stuff (which was in florida) also moved. Dan and lisa picked my stuff up (even with unexpected delays from another client) on time, then went to florida picked up my sisters stuff and brought it all to TN, all within my deadlines and budget, ...

Great move I had with Completmovers

Jon and his team were great. They were organized and professional. This was a big move and somewhat last minute, but Jon at Completmovers took care of everything. We loved his personality which made the move more enjoyable. We would to have him move us again.

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