United Kingdom Shipping Stories (Horses & Livestock)

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Great experience moving my mare

As stated, i would thoroughly recommend him to friends and others. It was made a stress free move for me and my mare. There was great communication, friendly and professional, 5 star rating.

Transporting our 14:3 German Thoughout Bred Pony Paris the IV

When I found we would have to transport our German thoughoutbred pony,Paris, all the way from Hertsfordshire to Lincolnshire I was so worried. Money is very tight and we had first thought of hiring a self drive horsebox. As we did not have any experience of driving a box we soon thought it better to hire a professional transport service. I am not very good with computers or using the internet bu ...

A pony

We were moving a childs pony from west wales to scotland. the company was great and stopped a few times for the mare to have a walk around and water. they kept in touch all the way and although the weather slowed them down they arrived safe and the pony was very relaxed.

Moving Statoyork

Very happy with service, loaded safely and quickly but not rushed, delivered in good time, friendly & helpful and reasonable rates, cannot fault Readyforbusiness. Would recomend to all. Thank you again. Mark D. Leicester.

Stories: 1 - 4 of 4