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Explore uShip’s Diverse Vehicle Shipping Services: Cars, ATVs & More

Transporting high-value vehicles can be difficult for individuals and businesses alike. First, checking for reputable companies that offer accountability at reasonable pricing can be challenging. Then, the task of coordinating logistics, securing specialized equipment, orchestrating loading/unloading, and finding capable drivers is most definitely overwhelming.

Yet vehicle shipping remains a necessity. For time-pressed customers, facilitating the end-to-end vehicle shipping process needs to be smooth sailing for business continuity and personal mobility.

That’s where uShip comes in. uShip simplifies car transportation by using an intuitive online platform to facilitate connections. With more than two decades of experience spanning more than 6.1 million shipments, uShip has more industry expertise than other options.

People and businesses choose uShip to ship everything from cars to cranes and freight to furniture affordably and quickly. The transportation marketplace connects customers with large fleets, small companies, single-truck owners, and roadtrippers.

This article explores the range of transportation solutions uShip offers while highlighting the systems and safeguards that inspire confidence in the company’s services. Whether an everyday consumer looking to relocate a household car or a business owner shipping specialty equipment cross-country, uShip aims to provide peace of mind.

Transporter preparing a car for vehicle shipping


With millions of customers served, uShip has become the trusted marketplace for facilitating goods transport across many categories. The platform provides access to 35,000+ active service providers ranging from large fleets to single truck owner-operators.

This expansive carrier network includes providers across the United States and Canada, ready to compete for your business. Because of this competitive model, uShip enables affordable, reliable vehicle shipping for all types of motor vehicles.

Antique Vehicles

Vintage cars require white-glove treatment and enclosed transportation to preserve their integrity and value. Some carriers listed on uShip provide:

  • Enclosed trailers meant to shield cars from weather and road debris
  • Hydraulic lift gates that gently load classic cars onto the upper deck at steep angles
  • Soft-tie straps instead of chains are used to secure the chassis and avoid scratches
  • Dust barriers and wheel netting that provide 360-degree protection
  • Climate control that maintains ideal humidity and temperature

Experienced drivers understand antique vehicles require specialized care. They are specially trained in secure tie-down methods and safe loading processes to prevent handling issues. Customers can request lift-gate services and enclosed carrier options when posting the shipment details to ensure vintage cars remain pristine.

Cars and Light Trucks

Many vehicle transporters on uShip transport standard passenger vehicles like:

  • Sedans, coupes, hybrids
  • SUVs, crossovers, pickup trucks
  • Special trims and models

These shipments leverage uShip’s marketplace, with thousands of auto transport truck carriers that are explicitly designed for household automobiles. Key services may include:

  • Covered top deck that keeps cars shielded from highway debris
  • Aluminum ramps that are gentler on tires and undercarriage components
  • Ratchet straps that avoid potential paint damage from chains
  • Foam barriers that cushion contact points
  • Options for enclosed trailers at added cost

Experts in vehicle shipping handle local coordination at pickup and drop-off locations. Real-time status updates provide updates throughout transit so customers feel fully confident in the vehicle shipping process.

Recreational Vehicles

Streamlined vehicle transport service for RVs, campers, and travel trailers utilizes:

  • Lowboy carriers that drop to pavement level that make loading easy
  • Extended equipment for maneuvering long wheelbase
  • Overhang strips that protect back ends from dragging
  • Special permits for transporting oversized vehicles on highways
  • Additional strap tie-downs to account for height
  • Side panels and reflectors that increase visibility for other drivers

With cumbersome sizes and customized interiors, RVs need special care and attention. The uShip marketplace has an extensive list of highly skilled drivers in securing top-heavy vehicles for safe transit across long distances.

Small Specialty Vehicles

Shipping ATVs, golf carts, or other specialty vehicles is simplified using:

  • Enclosed trailers that fully protect against road elements
  • Rear/side loading ramps for easy access without lifting gear
  • Vehicle-specific tie-down process
  • Stackable racks to accommodate smaller items like jet skis
  • Forklift loading at terminals to minimize handling

When searching for transporters on uShip, choose one with experience moving your type of vehicle. Check that they have properly mounted winches, soft straps, and edge protectors.


In addition to standard cars and trucks, some transporters on uShip specialize in shipping other vehicle types requiring expert handling:


Motorcycle transport requires:

  • Enclosed trailers to prevent weather exposure
  • Rear or side ramp loading to avoid needing to lift bikes
  • Front-wheel chocks to keep the front axle stationary
  • Ratchet straps to prevent metal chains from damaging the finish
  • Handlebar turns to protect throttle and mirror integrity

Carriers ensure kickstands are up and bikes are in neutral gear during loading. At the destination, they resecured the handlebars and double-checked the tire pressure. Many uShip motor carrier standards mandate proper motorcycle shipping protocols.


For watercraft transport, carriers on uShip leverage:

  • Extended flatbed trailers to fully fit hulls
  • Heavy-duty ratchet straps to avoid scratching
  • Side supports and beam blockers to protect the console
  • Transom straps to prevent rear overhang
  • Forklift loading to minimize handling at terminals

The best carriers on uShip will demonstrate proficiency in securing different boat types—fishing, speed, pontoons, and more. Drivers arrive with all standard equipment like edge protectors and wheel nets. These carriers also coordinate marina logistics on both pickup and delivery ends.


So why should you trust carriers on uShip to transport your precious vehicle? We possess distinct advantages that provide control, convenience, and cost savings.

Customized Solutions for Every Vehicle

While uShip delivers breadth across vehicle categories, what truly sets us apart is our nationwide network of carriers who specialize in transporting a range of vehicles, from cars to motorcycles.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach leveraging generic carriers and processes. Solutions are custom-built based on key factors:

Vehicle Type & Condition

From everyday sedans to exotic sports cars to rugged ATVs, we incorporate make, model, dimensions, and operating status details to match you with top-notch transporters. Vintage vehicles needing enclosed protection are handled differently than a new sedan without sensitivity to road elements.

Specialized Handling Requirements

Does your vehicle need to remain within climate-controlled environments, leverage hydraulic lift gates, or integrate stabilization racks? Any special needs for covered transport, vehicle preparation like cleaning or maintenance, or loading assistance are requested upfront when entering details.

Time Sensitivity

Do you need to coordinate a vehicle pickup and drop-off around a specific event or deadline? Our search options factor urgency into carrier selection, even expediting team driver options for earlier delivery so your car, motorcycle, or powerboat arrives when needed.

Real-Time Status Updates

Our mobile tracking interface shows a vehicle’s location throughout its trip with proactive updates from pickup to delivery. Should exceptions arise, our team rapidly responds based on live shipment visibility.

Ongoing Customer Support 

Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance throughout the shipping process. We can help you understand bids and provider profiles to select your preferred carrier while answering frequently asked questions about loading and delivery. Please think of us as your transportation concierge.

Safety Standards & Added Protection

Our carrier profiles make it easy to review carrier options and find the one that best fits your safety needs. Additionally, we offer the uShip Protection Plan, an all-risk, comprehensive protection plan that will protect your shipment at a competitive cost.

Door-To-Door Delivery

Have your vehicle shipped directly from any location to your driveway or garage.

Unbiased Reviews 

Customers rate providers on responsiveness, communication, timeliness, accuracy, and condition of vehicles on delivery.

Cost Savings

Once you put in the details, you will receive multiple competitive bids from eager transporters heading your shipment’s route. By aggregating providers of all sizes on one platform, we secure the most competitive price.

No other vehicle transport marketplace matches uShip’s combination of supply, customer care, specialty carrier access, safety assurances, and savings. Skip the stressful online search and let our intuitive platform handle transporting your wheeled asset effectively.


Don’t take just our word about delivering 5-star vehicle transportation experiences. Here is what actual uShip users have to say:

Amanda R, Los Angeles CA
“uShip helped me tremendously getting my car back home. They did a great job start to finish. The transition was seamless. I highly recommend uShip!”

James P, Lincoln NE
“This is the second time I have used uShip and both experiences have been excellent. Once I used to ship some furniture and the last time to ship a motorcycle. Both vendors were timely, accommodating and friendly.

Customers also rate our support teams highly regarding timely issue resolution and ongoing shipment communication. Whether sedans, RVs, commercial vehicles, or specialty equipment, we make vehicle transport easy by infusing individual care while showcasing expert carrier listings tailored precisely to your needs.

someone managing vehicle shipping on their phone


Are you ready to give your next vehicle shipment a stress-free, 5-star transportation experience? Here is a quick step-by-step guide to leveraging uShip’s services:


Start your free listing by providing details about your vehicle and shipping requirements.


Receive quotes from our network of feedback-rated carriers, and compare their rates and services.


Book with the carrier that best fits your needs based on pricing, customer reviews, and delivery timeline.


Coordinate a pickup time for your vehicle with the selected carrier and provide any necessary documentation.


Stay updated on the progress of your shipment through our mobile tracking feature.


Once your vehicle reaches its destination, inspect it thoroughly before releasing payment to the carrier.


uShip streamlines solutions for all your consumer and commercial vehicle transportation needs. Our intuitive digital platform simplifies connecting with qualified carriers best suited for moving your specialized asset.

Whether an antique car collector needs enclosed trailer transport across the country, a family relocating household vehicles to a new home, or a construction firm shipping heavy machinery between job sites, uShip has you covered.

We combine expansive logistics expertise spanning millions of shipments with customer-centric service tailored to each order. Vehicle shipping becomes cost-effective, convenient, and worry-free thanks to:

  • Direct driver selection – no middlemen or hidden fees
  • Real-time GPS tracking for complete visibility
  • Specialized equipment, handling, and drivers for unique vehicles
  • Personal support staff is available 24/7 to guide the process

While asset transport can be a hassle, uShip strives to deliver peace of mind through accountability, transparency, and the optimal blend of accessibility and individual attention.

Get a chance to experience why large enterprises and everyday consumers needing vehicle shipping continue to rate us five stars. Sign up today to get your next shipment underway.


What types of vehicles can carriers on uShip transport?

Carriers on uShip transport vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, heavy machinery, and commercial equipment across various dimensions and weights.

How do I book a car or ATV shipment with carriers on uShip?

On uShip’s website, enter details on the pickup location, drop-off address, and vehicle information to get instant quotes from top transporters. Please select your preferred driver and pay using our secure system. We will coordinate loading and unloading logistics with them.

Are there any specialized services for ATV transportation?

Transporters with uShip offer enclosed trailers to protect ATVs and experienced drivers familiar with Powersports equipment and loading/unloading coordination at pickup and destination.

What are the costs associated with shipping cars and ATVs through uShip?

The cost varies based on the route, timeframe, and service options selected, but uShip guarantees competitive pricing. Get free instant quotes by entering your details.

Ready to start your vehicle shipping experience with uShip? Start your free listing.