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Classic Cars, Exotics, and Antiques: The Ideal Candidates for Enclosed Transport

Have you painstakingly restored a vintage 1960s Ford Mustang by hand? Or maybe you found a rare exotic like a 1990s Ferrari F40 in flawless condition. Whatever vehicle captures your heart, every enthusiast understands that investing time, money, and emotion makes proper care of your prized vehicle essential.

That is why lovers of classic cars, exotic supercars, and high-value antiques rely on enclosed auto transport. Enclosed transport shields vehicles inside an enclosed trailer from start to finish of the moving journey, like packaging your most delicate possessions carefully before a big relocation. Unlike exposed open carrier trucks hauling random vehicles of all types, the fully enclosed space provides customized care for specialty cars requiring delicate handling.

Once gently loaded inside padded trailer enclosures, classics, exotics, and antiques remain protected in their private cocoon, free from weather, road debris that could chip paint, and jarring bumps.

So, for all those who have invested endless love into that cherry red 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback, striking yellow 1993 Lamborghini Diablo, or your grandfather’s flawless Model A Roadster, specialized enclosed transport is the way to go.

Read on to learn more about the unique benefits of enclosed transport for your irreplaceable classic car collection or high-value antiques. We outline the tailored shipping solutions and white-glove service that vehicles of this caliber require and deserve.


Enclosed transport offers specialized benefits beyond regular open carriers. These advantages make enclosed shipping the top choice for certain vehicles.

1. Shields Against Extreme Weather Conditions

Enclosed trailers provide a protective barrier during transit from rain, snow, hail, and other inclement weather. For instance, vintage cars with chrome features or exotics with intricate contours risk corrosion, paint damage, or mold exposure without enclosed shielding.

2. Deters Theft and Vandalism

The secured enclosed space deters the temptation for criminals to target high-value vehicles mid-transit. With classics now fetching prices into the multi-millions, security is paramount. Precious, one-of-a-kind cargo like a rare 1935 Duesenberg Model J stays safely away from prying eyes.

3. Prevents Road Debris Harm

Enclosed transport negates damage from flying stones, road grit, or debris on highways that could inflict chips, cracks, or scratches. This is essential protection for hand coach-built rides like a 1951 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 with bespoke bodywork that is impossible to replicate once damaged.

4. Delivers Discreet, Door-to-Door Conveyance

Gently loaded away from public view directly from the home garage into the trailer, then privately unloaded inside the enclosed destination depot, the entirely covert process ensures total privacy.

5. Comfort in Climate Control

Sophisticated enclosed trailers now feature temperature monitoring systems to maintain an ideal, consistent climate. This prevents overheating and eliminates condensation risks, which is especially important for delicate instruments.

6. Secures With Interior Locking Features

High-end enclosed trailer models offer proprietary, built-in interior locking panels that attach to wheel clamps or vehicle frames while in transit. This securely anchors the specialty vehicle in place throughout transport.

7. Specialized for Custom Requests

Upgraded enclosed transport trailers allow the incorporation of custom collector requests, including added shock absorption, specialty lighting, or video monitoring. Some experiences even provide real-time GPS trip tracking and essential climate reports. Personalization and special requests are welcomed and easily accommodated.


During the past decades, vintage cars from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s have skyrocketed in value on auction blocks and private sales. These rolling works of art now commonly sell for anywhere from 6 figures well into the multi-millions for scarce models in pristine condition.

Soaring Prices

A 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing recently smashed records, selling for more than $6.8 million at a classic car auction. Even more modern classics from the 1980s and ’90s regularly break close to the million-dollar mark: a 1994 Toyota Supra vehicle driven by movie star Paul Walker sold for $550,000! With blue chip classics appreciating yearly much like fine art, owners now rightfully view these vehicles as irreplaceable investments.

What Makes Classic Cars So Valuable?

Age plays a significant role. The older the vehicle, the greater the chance it shares lineage with true pioneering automotive history. Specific coveted models have an excellent racing pedigree as icons of motorsports. Others represent the last of their kind before emissions regulations changed designs forever. The most pristine survivors command these astronomical prices by flawless original condition.

Flaky Finishes

Yet the same age that makes classic cars so valuable also renders them inherently fragile. Metal fatigues over decades, meaning both exterior and interior materials become delicate.

Single-stage paints grow thin and brittle over generations. Even chrome—long considered the most durable automotive accent—develops micro-fissures through decades of oxidation and abuse. Leather seats dry out without ongoing conditioning. The components need specialized TLC, just like aging skin requires greater nurturing.

This paradox of what makes classic cars so precious also renders them highly vulnerable and creates the need for customized enclosed specialty transport. Open carriers cannot pamper vehicles now worth small fortunes yet prone to lasting damage without gentleness, but only delicate handling to match what these temperamental rides require yet richly deserve.

A yellow vintage vehicle being loaded for enclosed transport


Safety #1. Full Metal & Canvas Sheltering

The all-steel and heavy canvas construction of enclosed trailers completely cocoons classics from exposure risks other open carriers permit. This weatherproofing barrier shields vulnerable vintage sheet metal, chrome, and cabins from inclement conditions during transport that could otherwise promote corrosion, finish damage, or mold.

Safety #2. Custom Ride Height Adjustments

Enclosed specialty carriers offer the tailored option of air-cushioned or self-leveling hydraulic suspension systems. This allows adjusting frame height for smoother transport over uneven roads, protecting rare low-riding classic cars like 50s-era Chevy Bel Airs. Such customization prevents bumper and undercarriage scrapes that rigid open car haulers can’t avoid navigating changing terrain.

Safety #3. Impenetrable Road Debris Defense

The tight, sealed design of enclosed auto trailers blocks stray debris like road gravel that could inflict chips and surface scratches throughout exterior paintwork. This total enclosure offers protection impossible for open car haulers to match against particulate matter hazards.

Safety #4. Climate Control Management

Sophisticated enclosed shipping trailers offer advanced climate monitoring and maintenance during transit. Interior temperature, condensation, and humidity levels remain automatically adjusted within ideal ranges to prevent exterior finish or internal leather surface cracking.

Safety #5. White-Glove, Door-to-Door Care

From gentle loading, interior brace mounting, enclosed transportation in fixed cradling, and final unloading at destination, enclosed shipping handles classic cars with round-the-clock care. This door-to-door white-glove treatment, attention to detail, and priority handling define the enhanced service experience that makes enclosed transport the premium choice.


Exotic cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens present unique challenges when transporting for dealers, collectors, and owners. High-performance supercars are often configured as two-seaters without ample interior space, so fitting inside enclosed trailers requires precision. Low ground clearances also demand exact ride height calibration to navigate the terrain without underbody scrapes.

Additionally, as high-value luxury vehicles sometimes exceed 7 figures for the latest models or rare collectible classic cars, total loss through damage or theft becomes a real risk without specialized safeguards. For prized exotics, only professional specialty transport will suffice.

uShip’s Unique Solution

Carriers on uShip deliver an array of solutions tailored specifically for safely conveying exotic cars of all makes nationwide. Their enclosed carriers cater directly to the dimensions, ground clearance, and security needs of modern and vintage exotic vehicles. Interior trailer braces secure frames, while advanced air suspension calibration ensures smooth travel. From real-time status updates to white-glove loading/unloading, enclosed transport spares no protection for getting your prized baby delivered damage-free. In a nutshell, with an enclosed transport carrier on uShip, you could get:

  • Precision-enclosed trailer fitting for limited dimensions
  • Secured interior braces to stabilize exotic frames
  • Ride height air suspension calibration
  • White-glove, door-to-door loading/unloading service


Antique cars are rare old vehicles, not mass-produced like today’s models. Their old parts break easily from the wear and tear of driving or transport. A shine-restored 1960s Plymouth Superbird classic or 1950s Mercedes Gullwing sports car has fragile components. So owners need special care moving these valuable autos to new homes. When a beautiful antique Ford Thunderbird needs a long trip, it requires gentle handling. This keeps the chrome polished and paint perfect during the transit.

Fragility from Age

Leather upholstery, chrome, and sheet metal from the glory days of American automotive styling cannot hold up to harsh elements like modern finishes do: environmental factors like debris kicked up by adjacent highway traffic; fender-benders or collisions in tight spaces; and long rides without climate control stress engine components calibrated for gentler treatment. Unlike durable daily drivers built for high mileage, these elder statesmen of the collector circuit require strict precautions.

Special Handling for Special Cars

Cars once seen as short-lived purchases now draw top dollar at auction when well-preserved. Surviving models from iconic brands like Duesenberg, Packard, or Tucker are rare but in high demand. This limited supply drives their modern value into the millions. One paint scratch or mechanical issue could mean significant dollars lost. And finding authentic replacement parts can prove nearly impossible!

Constructive Transit Methods for Rare Possessions  

To reasonably ensure these expensive vehicles arrive safely, transport policies must specifically address their unique requirements around fragility, rarity, and extreme value. Key transit tactics should include:

  • Climate-controlled containers
  • Suspension cradles engineered for delicate transport
  • Handlers specially trained in securing high-value cargo
  • Insurance appraisers verifying condition from origin to destination
  • Direct delivery routing without transfers to limit handling

With antique automobiles requiring such customized measures, brokers must implement tailored transit policies focused on delivering these precious rarities undamaged.

Enclosed Trailers Top Open Carriers

Unlike open auto transport trucks that leave vintage cargo exposed along US interstate highways and state routes, enclosed specialty trailers surround the vehicle in a rugged, weatherproof shell. This cocoon approach poses no threat to road debris, precipitation, and temperature extremes. Further benefits include:

Suspension systems engineered to prevent jostling and shocking on uneven pavement
Side access doors enable more accessible accommodation for wider classic car bodies
Interior tie-down hooks firmly secure the vehicle with limited mobility during transport
Locking security access between the cab and enclosure thwarts tampering

Enclosed Transport Offers Personalized Control

Acquiring a one-of-a-kind classic invests the owner in that car’s legacy and future outcomes. Allowing such a vehicle out of direct supervision seems unthinkable during a high-stakes journey. Enclosed transport enables clients to ride shotgun with their vehicle’s transport from start to finish:

  • As an individual service, the client can specify preferred handling, routes, drivers, and timing.
  • Owners can arrange to personally oversee the packing/crating process and monitor container transit up close.
  • High-value vintage cars may be transported in covered containers inside wider shipping containers for added security.
  • Containers can ship door-to-door to skip warehouse storage and avoid further handling.

Enclosed Transport Services With uShip

uShip connects customers with reliable enclosed transport carriers using high-quality enclosed trailers to transport valuable cargo or specialty vehicles safely. Here’s how it works:

1. Post Your Shipping Requirements: Create your free listing on uShip by providing info about your vehicle type, pickup location, delivery destination, and unique requirements.

2. Get Competitive Bids: Transporters in uShip’s nationwide network submit quotes based on your listed job. You can view carrier profiles, ratings, reviews, and insurance.

3. Choose Your Carrier: Choose the carrier and quote offer that best fits your budget, schedule, and comfort level.

4. Track Real-Time Updates: uShip will allow you to track your enclosed trailer via GPS, providing email alerts and monitoring updates from pickup to delivery.


With uShip, customers can have confidence their prized possessions receive the safest quality transport in modern enclosed trailers. The platform empowers seamless, secure shipping solutions for valuable cargo. Customers can trust uShip for enclosed transport because:

Experienced Carriers: uShip has more than 35,000 active carriers, many of whom specialize in enclosed transport.

Added Protection: uShip offers the option to purchase an all-risk uShip Protection Plan right at checkout. This gives customers peace of mind during the shipping process.

Competitive Bidding: Customers can post their enclosed shipping job on uShip and receive competitive bids from multiple carriers. This bidding process helps customers find the best rate for their transport needs.

Tracking & Monitoring: uShip enables real-time tracking and monitoring features for enclosed shipments. Customers can follow their shipment’s status every step of the way while goods stay protected in an enclosed trailer.

Customer Service Support: uShip has a knowledgeable customer support team available to help customers before, during, and after enclosed transport jobs. We are available via phone, email, and our online portal.


Why should I use enclosed transport for my classic/exotic car or antique?

An enclosed trailer protects your prized vehicle from weather elements like rain, snow, wind, and road debris that could damage the exterior. Enclosed trailers also minimize the risk of theft and vandalism, which is possible with open carriers. This added protection safeguards your valuable investment.

What features do your enclosed trailers have?

Trailers come equipped with tie-downs, straps, and padding to transport vehicles and securely prevent shifting or damage in transit. Many also have climate control options to protect from condensation and provide added comfort for antique cars that don’t handle temperature swings well.

Do drivers have experience transporting specialty vehicles?

Carriers are experts in safely transporting classic cars, RVs, motorcycles, and delicate items using enclosed trailers. They understand proper securement techniques and how to drive sensitively to avoid issues like sudden bumps over potholes. You can expect white-glove service from drivers.

How does pricing compare to open transport for my specialty vehicle?

Enclosed transport costs 20-30 percent more than open transport on average for specialty vehicles. However, that premium buys total protection for your cherished car, both physically and in terms of security against theft during transit. The extra cost for rare, expensive vehicles brings invaluable peace of mind.

Colorful row of classic cars and antiques


In summary, classic cars, exotic vehicles, and valuable antiques deserve special care and handling during transport to protect their delicate nature and immense financial investments. The ideal way to safely ship prized vehicles is through the protective barrier of high-quality enclosed trailers and the expertise of specially trained drivers.

uShip offers customers access to a network of professional enclosed auto transporters to find the best carrier at competitive rates for your specialty item. Customers further benefit from uShip’s Protection Plan, customer service team, and reputation when arranging enclosed transport.

With more than a decade of experience in the enclosed transport of valuable cargo, customers can feel at ease trusting enclosed transport carriers on uShip for their classic car, exotic, RV, or any precious antique. Our company has refined the process to be customer-focused, providing optimal protection and peace of mind during transit.

So don’t gamble with your cherished specialty vehicle or priceless collectible. Turn to the enclosed shipping carriers on uShip for tailored service that handles your precious cargo carefully at every step.

People Also Ask (PAA) Questions

What makes enclosed transport ideal for classic cars?

Enclosed trailers protect classic cars from weather and road debris and provide security against theft and vandalism. Climate control also maintains an ideal environment.

What are the risks of open transport for antique vehicles?

Open transport leaves antique vehicles vulnerable to rain/hail damage, road debris chips, and a higher risk of theft due to a lack of security barriers.

Can enclosed transport protect my vehicle from weather damage?

Enclosed trailers shield vehicles from rain, wind, and snow that could damage exterior paint or components. Climate control manages condensation, too.

How does uShip customize transport solutions for different vehicle types?

Customers can list specific transport requirements in their shipment post so carriers can provide custom solutions for RVs, motorcycles, cars, boats, etc, using appropriate enclosed trailer types.

Ready to ship your classic car? Get multiple quotes from feedback-rated carriers on uShip.