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The Different Moving Service Types


You’ve done it. You’re finally ready to make the move into your new home. You’ve thrown out all your unused junk and gotten everything boxed up and ready to go.

Now comes the easy part: finding an affordable rate through uShip’s online shipping marketplace, where shipping customers around the world find carriers to transport their items. Before you decide who you want to move your items, though, you need to first determine which service type fits your shipping needs.

Let’s clarify things a bit: moving service type is the level of care and assistance you would like to receive from your service provider during the course of a household move. This can range from asking your service provider to simply drive your items from point A to point B to unloading your goods anywhere you’d like on your premises. Although each service provider dictates the service types they offer, there are four different options available to shipping customers on uShip:

1) Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)

Self service moving asks shipping customers to pack, load, and unload their goods. Your service provider is only contracted to provide the moving truck and drive your items to the appropriate destination. This is typically the cheapest service type available.

2) Mover, Loading Service (customer packs/wraps, mover loads)

Loading service simply asks shipping customers to pack their items before their service provider arrives to load them onto a truck or van. Service providers will then move these goods to their final destination and assist with unloading, although they are not required to go to extreme lengths such as moving items inside or upstairs.

3) White Glove (full service)

This contracts your service provider to pack and wrap items before loading and unloading them onto their truck or van. Service providers also must move goods anywhere on the premises the customer desires, setup items if necessary, and remove all packing materials. White glove service is the highest level of care available. 

4) Other

If none of the standard service types fit your needs, there’s always the option to select ‘other’ as an alternative. This is the least detailed choice available, so be sure to specify exactly how you would like your items handled if you go with this one.

Remember, communication is key when you’re moving precious goods. Take a moment to review these service types to ensure your items are handled with the care and attention you expect by your uShip service provider!

For more in-depth information on the different types of moving services and what each might cost you, check out our Moving Cost Comparison guide.