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What’s the Right Shipping Price Strategy For Your Business?

Let’s face it – today’s consumers are a tough crowd to please. Retail giants like Amazon and Wayfair have pushed customer expectations through the roof, leaving small retailers scrambling to keep up. Nowhere is this more visible in the customer journey than at checkout, where shipping costs can make all the difference in a potential buyer submitting an order or abandoning their cart. That’s why picking the right shipping price strategy is crucial for every online retailer – from small Etsy sellers to established antique dealers.

The good news? Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable buying large, oversized items online. So even though overall expectations are higher than ever, the share of customers is growing by the day.

The ideal shipping price strategy should be cost-effective for both the seller and the buyer. Whether you decide to bake free shipping into the price of your product or subsidize the shipping cost, there are multiple solutions to choose from. But which is the right approach for your business? Take our quiz to find out and pick the right shipping price strategy for you.

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