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Three Pro Tips for Getting Paid Faster as a Carrier on uShip

A vast majority of shipments qualify for uShip Payments. This means shipping customers pay upfront. On confirmed delivery, a payment code entered into the mobile app or site then releases funds to you. Money goes straight into your uShip account where you can withdraw it.

It’s an incredibly slick cashless service that has saved customers and carriers a ton of hassle. Gone are the days of dealing with the hassle of cash payments on delivery or carrying a lot of cash in your cab.

While uShip Payments is a seamless system by design, customers sometimes need a little nudge and guidance on that last step: finding the payment code that releases funds to you.

Here are three tips to help your customers find the payment code and avoid potential delays along the way:

1. Set the expectation

Once the shipment is booked, you or your customer will be in touch to organize pickup timing and discuss additional details. This is a perfect time to let them know that you will need to receive the payment code at the time of delivery.

2. Explain the location

At booking, both parties receive a Booking Confirmation Email that contains the other party’s contact information. The shipping customer’s Booking Confirmation Email also contains the payment code. It is in the block of text just below your contact info.

uShip Booking Confirmation Email highlighting the location of the payment confirmation code

3. uShip member support is your wingman

If the shipping customer is concerned, confused, or having a hard time finding their code, they can reach out to member support to ask any questions they have or get assistance finding the code.

When you’re in the logistics business and darting all around the country covering thousands of miles a month, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many customers don’t deal with shipping every day. And they may not be very tech-savvy in the first place.

So, by alerting your customers right up front, it gives them plenty of time to make whatever plans they need to ensure you are able to receive the payment code with fewer delays and less confusion.

Fun Fact

No one other than the service provider who booked the shipment can use the code to access the funds.

If you enter the code and see it was already redeemed, don’t worry, this just means the shipping customer has already released the payment and you can now find it in your Available Balance.