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The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport For Your Precious Cargo

For auto enthusiasts, classics owners, and exotic collectors, vehicles are passion projects, not just transportation. The sleek shine, the luxurious leather aroma, the beastly engine growl—all signs of the painstaking effort and one-of-a-kind touches that went into these babies. Cars like these are more than just a ride; they say something about who you are.

When it’s time to relocate, owners need transport specialists who understand this connection. Open carriers can’t provide the specialized care these vehicles require. Exposing prized vehicles to the harsh elements and road hazards of uncovered trailers is too risky.

That’s where enclosed transport comes in. It offers protection and security. The cars get the royal treatment during transport. For example, tie-downs keep the vehicle from shifting around and getting dings while in motion. The whole time, sensors, cameras, and GPS keep an eye on things and track the location so you can relax knowing your baby is safe and sound.

If you want to safely relocate your classic, exotic, or custom ride, keep reading to learn more. This blog covers everything about enclosed auto transport, from climate control to white-glove service. We’ll outline what sets enclosed transport apart and provide tips for choosing a company. Whether you own a classic cruiser or supercar, continue reading to understand how enclosed transport can give your automotive passion project peace of mind.


Enclosed vehicle transport is a premium shipping option that fully protects vehicles during transportation. Unlike open carriers that expose cars to the elements, enclosed transport uses trailers surrounding vehicles from all sides. These trailers have walls and roofs to shield against weather, dirt, and road debris.

The enclosed trailer is backed up to the vehicle’s location for loading, usually with a ramp or lift gate. The car is driven into position and secured with specialized tie-downs, wheel chocks, and padding braces. Once loaded, the interior is locked up, and the climate control system is activated.

Professional drivers specially trained for handling enclosed cargo haul the enclosed trailer. They plan routes accounting for height and weight restrictions. At the destination, they carefully unload the vehicle and inspect it.


If you’ve got a high-dollar ride to transport, you’ll want the best protection and assurance it arrives safely. Going with covered vehicle transport gives you many benefits for your prized set of wheels.

Enhanced Protection from Weather and Road Elements

The main advantage of enclosed transport is complete shielding from the external environment. Vehicles ride inside climate-controlled trailers, safeguarded from rain, snow, wind, sunlight, and temperature extremes. Owners don’t have to worry about weather events damaging the exterior or fading paint finishes during transit.

Flying rocks and road debris can ding exteriors or crack windshields on open trailers, but enclosed transport prevents this with full metal and fiberglass enclosures. Vehicles are sealed off from gravel, smashed bugs, and other hazards encountered on highways. This eliminates worries over chips, pits, and dents from debris kicks.

Additional Security against Theft and Vandalism

Unlike open car carriers, enclosed trailers fully conceal the vehicle inside a lockable metal structure accessible only by authorized drivers.

This prevents random onlookers at truck stops and rest areas from spotting the vehicle and being tempted to tamper or steal it. Without visibility, it becomes much more difficult for thieves to target the locked trailer’s valuable contents. There is no opportunity for unauthorized access while the driver is away compared to open carriers.

Enclosed shipping avoids the risks associated with openly advertising and exposing prized automobiles to dishonest individuals by keeping the vehicle out of public view. Envy and temptation are reduced by transporting the vehicle discreetly in an enclosed, monitored sanctuary. Valuable assets stay protected.

Ideal for High-Value or Classic Vehicles

An enclosed trailer provides a plush, climate-controlled environment explicitly tailored for high-dollar, sensitive automobiles. The interior padding gently cradles vehicles to avoid dings and scrapes. Climate systems maintain an optimal temperature to prevent any environmental damage over time. The smooth suspension absorbs vibrations for straight sailing down the highway.

This secures vehicles far better than an open carrier where constant road debris, weather, and handling risks occur. The locked, monitored enclosure shields one-of-a-kind automobiles from these hazards. Enclosed trailers provide a mobile showroom sanctuary for irreplaceable classics and 6-figure exotics.

Drivers are specially trained in securing these delicate, high-value vehicles using modern equipment like hydraulic lifts. They take extra precautions at every step, knowing these rides need specialized care. It’s white-glove, concierge-level treatment built for pampering prized investments.

high value car examples ideal for enclosed auto transport

Reduced Risk of Accidental Damage

Accidents can happen anytime you’re loading or unloading vehicles. Little parking lot dings and scratches are typical, even with experienced drivers. That back-and-forth bumper pushing between trailers can rub the wrong way.

But with enclosed transport, they use modern equipment like hydraulic lifts to gently glide your special cargo in and out without any unnecessary contact. No person is touching your flawless paint job, either. The drivers are careful handling these beauties since they know high-end rides need extra TLC.

Open trailers can’t avoid those loading risks as easily. There’s a lot more handling by the drivers securing chains and straps. You’ve got other vehicles bumping up against yours. So, it creates more opportunities for minor mishaps. Enclosed trailers let your vehicle float in pillow-like protection, away from scrapes and bumps. Drivers take all the proper precautions so your prized vehicle arrives looking just as immaculate as when it left.


Only the best handling, protection, and care will do when shipping your prized automobile across town or cross-country. That’s precisely what enclosed auto transport provides—a secure, climate-controlled sanctuary customized for your precious cargo. If your vehicle is irreplaceable to you, don’t gamble with open exposure and road hazards.

Reduce Schedule Uncertainty

Enclosed auto transport hauls fewer vehicles, making routes and timelines easier to control. You can depend on prompt pickup and delivery since there’s more flexibility than open car carriers. The intelligent choice is enclosed door-to-door service, delivering your cherished ride just as you entrusted it.

Maintaining Vehicle Condition and Value

Covered vehicle transport is meticulously designed to maintain the optimal condition and maximum value of rare and vintage vehicles during shipping. Vehicles are shielded from exterior damage like paint chips, scratches, and pitting that can degrade condition over time. Climate control prevents UV fading, water spots, oxidization, and mold deterioration.

Custom cushioning isolates the vehicle from vibrations and jostling that can cause mechanical issues or misalignments. Locked, monitored trailers deter theft and vandalism, while lift equipment prevents accidental damage from improper handling. With enclosed auto transport, vehicles arrive in pristine, showroom-ready condition, maximizing resale value for collectors and preventing losses from environmental wear.

Customized Service Options

Enclosed transportation offers flexible solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each high-value vehicle and owner preferences. Residential white-glove service conveniently picks up collector cars stored at home rather than requiring transport to a depot. This caters to owners who prefer managed exposure.

  • Oversized vehicle accommodations include extendable trailers and hydraulic lifts to carefully load cars with low ground clearance or broad profiles without damage.
  • Real-time GPS and sensor monitoring provide 24/7 visibility tracking for owners who want to follow each step of the transit process.
  • Heated and cooled trailers ensure optimal temperature maintenance for vehicles sensitive to heat or cold.
  • Enclosed trailers offer greater scheduling flexibility for time-sensitive exotic car transports.
  • Extra care instruction notes provided by owners are reviewed and followed by drivers to accommodate special handling needs.
  • For high-touch luxury service, concierge communication and white-glove treatment are available.

This individualized approach is designed to meet the specialized requirements of each prized automobile and owner preference. Enclosed transport adapts to fit a vintage roadster or modern supercar safely.


enclosed auto transport vehicle traveling down road

The cost of enclosed auto transport is often substantially higher than open carrier options. This premium pricing reflects the more specialized service, handling precautions, and security features inherent in enclosed shipping. Comparing costs and being aware of the factors influencing pricing allows consumers to make informed decisions when selecting a transport method.

Cost Comparison with Open Transport

On average, covered vehicle transport costs 2-3 times more than open trailers for the exact shipping route. For example, transporting a vehicle from Los Angeles to Dallas may cost around $600 via an open carrier, while enclosed auto transport for that route could range from $1,200-$1,800. The increased cost comes from the enhanced service and operational expenses of enclosed shipping.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Enclosed Transport

Several key factors drive the higher pricing for enclosed auto transport:

  • Custom padding and braces to protect vehicle surfaces: The specialized foam blocks, padding, and props custom-fitted for each vehicle are more expensive materials than basic tie-downs. This extra equipment expense gets passed along in transport pricing.
  • Climate control systems to maintain optimal environment: Operating heating and A/C adds labor and fuel costs to regulate temperatures. Open carriers don’t need these climate systems, so don’t incur these expenses. This factors into higher enclosed pricing.
  • Additional driver training for high-value vehicles: The specialized training on careful handling and loading/unloading prevents damage but requires investment in driver time and certification. Open carrier drivers have minimal training.
  • Extra time needed for careful loading and unloading: Loading/unloading high-value vehicles slowly and deliberately takes more person-hours versus open carrier roll-on methods. The additional labor time increases operating costs.
  • Higher insurance costs to cover rare and expensive vehicles: Insurers recognize the heightened risk of transporting rare cars worth hundreds of thousands and factor that into higher premiums for enclosed transporters to cover potential losses.
  • Real-time GPS tracking and security monitoring: Active tracking and surveillance require installing equipment in each trailer and monitoring service fees. Open carriers need these security features and costs.
  • Limited trailer capacity means fewer vehicles to offset costs: With fewer vehicles per trailer, costs are distributed across fewer units. Open carriers spread costs across more vehicles, reducing per-unit expenses.
  • Specialized or oversized trailer options: Custom trailers add acquisition expenses that transporters pass on. Open carriers use standardized equipment.
  • White-glove concierge services (on request): The labor costs of dedicated concierge communication and services for each vehicle contribute to the premium pricing of enclosed shipping.


When selecting an enclosed auto transport provider to handle your high-value vehicle, it is essential to research companies and evaluate their capabilities thoroughly. As the owner of a prized exotic or classic car, you want assurance that you are partnering with a premium transport service with the expertise to deliver your precious cargo safely. Once you have your list of carriers from your uShip search, follow these critical guidelines for identifying and choosing a top-tier enclosed carrier:

Conduct Comprehensive Background Research

Review industry resources like to identify top-rated regional and national enclosed auto transport providers with proven track records.

Vet company websites in detail—look for long histories transporting specialty vehicles, modern equipment fleets, and specialized service options that indicate deep experience with high-end automobiles.

Get quotes from multiple providers for pricing and service comparisons. Ask targeted questions about their experience with vehicles like yours. uShip has a plethora of enclosed auto transport carriers ready to give you a quote.

Assess Service Quality and Reliability Metrics

  • Examine safety records, inspection scores, and accreditations; select companies with impeccable histories free of significant accidents, incidents, or violations.
  • Verify rigorous background checks and training protocols for drivers; enclosed transporters should employ white-glove professionals
  • Ensure state-of-the-art real-time monitoring systems are deployed—GPS tracking, climate sensors, obstacle detection—to oversee transit.
  • Review damage claims and issue resolution processes: how does the company take responsibility and remedy problems?
  • Confirm Consistent 5-Star Reviews and Testimonials
  • Check reviews and testimonials on uShip from previous exotic and classic car owners—you want to see raving fans.
  • Consult reputable collectible automobile associations and clubs for provider endorsements and referrals.
  • Search Better Business Bureau for complaints; select transporters with minimal issues.

By thoroughly evaluating providers against these criteria, exotic and classic vehicle owners can identify and select an enclosed auto transport service with the expertise required to handle their prized possessions with premium care. Do your due diligence to gain confidence in your transport partner’s choice.


Here are some tips for preparing your vehicle for enclosed auto transport:

Essential Pre-Transport Checks

Performing thorough pre-transport inspections and maintenance is crucial. Test drive your vehicle and address any mechanical problems—worn brake pads, leaks, squeaks, etc.—before enclosed shipping begins. Check all fluid levels and fill any low coolant, oil, or brake fluid reservoirs. Inflate tires to proper pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) levels with adequate tread depth to handle loading. Wash and clean interiors so the transport driver can inspect for pre-existing exterior or interior damage. Remove loose accessories like radar detectors that could shift and get damaged.

Documentation and Insurance Considerations

Notify your insurance provider that your vehicle will be transported and confirm appropriate coverage. Consider supplemental enclosed auto transport insurance or added protection from uShip for high-value cars. Have vehicle ownership documentation handy in case it is required during transit inspections. Take comprehensive before and after photos documenting your car’s condition for protection against damage claims. Provide the transport company documentation on any pre-existing exterior flaws for reference.

Tips for a Smooth Transport Experience

Deactivate alarm systems, GPS trackers, and toll transponders that could accidentally trigger during transport. Reduce gas tank level to under 1/4 if requested by the transporter to minimize weight. Label audio settings, seat positions, and other controls to simplify reorienting yourself after shipping. Share access instructions like alarm codes and emergency contacts with the transport coordinator. Confirm destination address details and receiver contacts to avoid delivery issues.

Opting for enclosed transport provides peace of mind for high-value vehicle owners combined with proper preparation.


Enclosed auto transport provides optimal protection for high-value vehicle shipping. The fully sealed metal trailer shields against weather and road debris that can damage exteriors. Climate systems maintain ideal interior conditions to prevent deterioration. Custom padding gently secures vehicles without abrasions. Real-time GPS tracking deters theft. For prized automotive investments, enclosed auto transport delivers specialized handling and care from origin to destination.

Though open carriers may have lower upfront pricing, the long-term risks of damage from road elements, improper loading, and weather often outweigh the savings. Enclosed shipping emphasizes safety, security, and white-glove service tailored for rare collectible cars. Enclosed auto transport is the wise choice when your passion project deserves VIP treatment. Your vehicle will arrive pristine, cared for as the prize it is. Ultimately, enclosed shipping provides owners total peace of mind. For precious cargo, maximize protection and minimize risks with enclosed auto transport.