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33 Tips to Simplify Your Move

red couch moving tips to simplify your move

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Simplify your next move with these great insider tips and tricks. Then, explore your moving service options and learn what your moving costs might look like before you book your chosen moving company. 

  • Think about the weather- plan around the weather, you will be glad you did when you’re not cleaning muddy shoe prints off your new carpet.
  • File a Change of Address about a month-and-a-half before your moving date. It’s also a good idea to ask your local post office to begin holding any mail they receive two weeks prior to the move. Things can get messy in a move, so little extra prevention steps, like this one, are worth the effort in the end.

  • Update your new address with doctors, lawyers, banks, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, any monthly delivery services, insurance providers, accountants and any other professional service providers
  • A month in advance- quit grocery shopping. Instead, meal plan according to what perishables you have on hand. Cook that frozen pot roast you’ve had in the freezer forever or that box of macaroni you had a random late-night grocery shopping craving for, and never made. EAT! You’ll need the carbs come moving day.
  • Collect all packing materials (tape, bubble wrap, boxes, etc.) weeks before you plan to begin packing things up.
  • Packing Tip: use twist-ties (you know those plastic twisties that come on your loaf of bread) to secure electrical cords and prevent tangling.

zip ties moving tips

  • DO NOT over pack ANY of your boxes. Whether a box is full of breakables or toiletries, over-packing is a sure way to tear that box and damage whatever is inside.
  • Label each box with its destination room in your new home. You can also buy pre-labeled packing tape to make this process go much faster.

box labels moving tips   .

  • Moving is not a one day ordeal, so pack an “overnight bag” that includes a set of PJ’s and fresh clothes for the next day, hygiene (and beauty) products, chargers, any necessary medications and a clean towel because a nice hot shower after a long day of moving can make all the difference. Get more tips for the first night in your new home, here.
  • Store all chemicals and home cleaning supplies in their own box off to the side and move these lastly, and personally. Keeping these until the end will allow you to clean up any last minute spots or stains that become more visible once your home is emptied.


  • Move all yard tools together and if you can store them in a large trashcan. If you have a trashcan with wheels on it, that’s an extra win!
  • Contact your current and new landlord or property manager about parking, loading and unloading details for the day of the move.
  • Pro Tip: if a larger item can be disassembled, dissemble it. It will take an extra bit of work but it will reduce any risk of damage during the move.
  • When you disassemble anything, collect all of the smaller parts (i.e. screws, plastic coverings, even manuals or remotes if applicable) and store them all together in a large zip-lock bag. Then, securely tap the bag to the piece and label it.


  • Twine can also be very useful in keeping larger disassembled parts together. Just bundle everything, wrap it up and knot it.
  • If you have a pet, remember moves can be especially stressful for them. Ideally you will want to find a friend or family member who can care for your pet during the move, until you’re settled and ready to calmly introduce them to their new home.
  • Use any luggage or large baskets you have in your home and pack them like you would a box. This will help cut down the amount of trash and recycling you have to deal with after you unpack.


  • PURGE! This is the best time to go through your home and toss, sell, or donate unwanted items. Do not be shy- if you haven’t touched it in the last year, chances are you won’t in the next.
  • Then, hold a garage sale or take unwanted clothing to Plato’s Closet. It’s a great way to assist in your purge while making some extra cash for the move.
  • DIY Tip: cut small rectangles in either side of your boxes that don’t have handles to create an easy lift & move solution.

moving tips cut out slits in the side to carry box

  • STAY ORGANIZED! It’s worth the effort and you will be glad you when you look around your new home and see that tower of boxes. Download uShip’s FREE Moving Checklist and Moving Inventory Templates to help with this tip!
  • Use old linens to wrap glassware.
  • Pack plates by placing a Styrofoam plate (or a few paper plates) in between each one and then stacking them on top of each other. For more tips on packing glassware and plates, check out our Fragile Packing Guide.
  • Pro Tip: always store your plates vertically in boxes to prevent breakage.


  • Throw a housewarming party! Not only is it a fun way to show off your new place but it’s also a great way to get some of that last minute stuff you may not have (or even know you needed).
  • Create a moving calendar listing all important dates and planning out everything so there’s no last minute forgetfulness. It’s a hectic time- don’t make yourself memorize everything.
  • A lot of neighborhood communities these days have social media groups or online forums to discuss important topics and get to know each other. Talk to your new neighbors weeks before your move and ask around about an outlet like this; or do a quick neighborhood search on Facebook.

  • It’s a great space to introduce yourself, learn any insider tips from the neighborhood veterans, or simply ask for moving help and materials.
  • If you’re moving with children, just like with pets, try to find a family member or friend who can watch your child during the move. Save them and yourself the added stress.
  • Use a small Tupperware container to store all of your earrings and rings to prevent losing them. Pro Tip: tape the Tupperware closed!


  • Take pictures of assembled furniture, electronic wiring, and decorations that you’d like to re-create in your new home to make set up a breeze.
  • Stuffing your boots with your socks and/or undies during your move saves space and helps your boots keep their shape during the move.


  • Before you buy a bunch of boxes, check your local retail stores, sites like Craigslist and ask your neighbors/friends if they have any to spare. You’ll find as you unpack that having to get rid our all of those used boxes and packing supplies can be more hassle than wanted, and you’ll be looking for someone to take them off your hands, too.
  • And lastly, BE PREPARED. During a big move or in life, it is better to be proactive than reactive.