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uShip’s Strangest PPC Search Queries

Back in 2011 we compiled a list of uShip’s Top 13 Strangest PPC Search Queries. Now, we’re bringing it back for a 2016 look into The 17 Strangest uShip PPC search queries.

When a shipper googles something that brings them to uShip, Google sends us a report of their search query. This helps us get an inside look at our shipping customers’ needs and wants. Sometimes, their requests are a bit out there. The following are the search queries we found to be the most humorous. Enjoy!

1. www uship

Well, they were almost there…

(Note: this is a very common entry, in many forms.)

2. motorcyclist shipping

Is he trying to ship a human? I believe that’s illegal.

3. thorny devil pet


A insane as it sounds, this is a real thing—in Australia:

4. horse shipping boots

Boots for horses? Do you have to put boots on them before you put them in the trailer? Charles, our resident PPC Pro, learned this is a thing.

5. how should firearms be transported in a boat

Depends if you want to broadside someone or not.

6. rates for flying dogs

Where can I buy a flying dog?!

7. flyying pets

And this guy, who clearly found out about the flying dogs and is just too excited about it.

8. iuship

Apple. Has. Taken. Over. Everything.

9. how big is a boat before it is a ship

Um. What?

10. the ugly pet collection

I recently learned that The Ugly Pet Collection is real thing, though, I have no idea how this person ended up on uShip. Our pets are b-e-a-u-tiful.

11. shipping 20 ft boat from vegas

I guess you really can win those “enter-to-win” boats on the casino floors…

12. pet jewelry

Stylin’ and profilin’


13. can flamingos be pets

Honestly, we had to Google this too. No, you cannot keep flamingos as pets, Valerie, but high-five flamingo loving friend.

14. statue of liberty transportation cost on boat

New York—would you like to tell the rest of us something?

15. sex on ship

No comment.

16. how much are dogs


17. And all the people who refuse to use spaces.
Google’s patience is applaudable.


“harleyhaul” |  “wehaulbike”  |  “ship petsanbjose to orange county”  |  “bestwaytoshipapet fromstatetostate”

We tip our hat to our fellow Googlers and look forward to next year’s submissions.