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The Long Haul: uShip News and Updates Like You’ve Never Heard Before

When you spend your working days in a vehicle, you need a good source of news, information, and entertainment. So, the choice is yours: Hannity or Hafkey? Led Zeppelin or Lisa? Move over, talk radio. Take a pause, classic rock. There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s called the uShip Podcast, with hosts Joe Hafkey and Lisa Friedrich. It’s 30 minutes of uShip product news and industry information that help fill your hours behind the wheel. It’s free and on-demand, available wherever you download other podcasts.

Direct From the ‘Ship

The Long Haul brings you behind-the-scenes interviews with folks on the inside, executives like CEO Mike Williams. Hear directly from the people bringing you the best solutions for filling your truck, like EVP of Operations, Heather Hoover’s rare, but classic Roy Garber moment.

Product Updates

uShip is constantly doing their best to make it easier for you to get work. With The Long Haul, you can find out everything there is to know about uShip’s newest products, and how they work for you.

Trends in Trucking

We know the logistics world is constantly changing. Keep up with the newest trends in trucking with The Long Haul. We’ll bring you new information from the logistics industry directly to your vehicle.

The Long Haul Hosts

Joe, Carrier Success Manager & Lisa, Marketing Manager. Joe works directly with carriers to make sure you find success with the uShip platform. Lisa has 7 years history in logistics and knows the industry.

Give The Long Haul a listen today. Rate and subscribe. Let us know more about what you want from the uShip podcast by tweeting at us @uShip.

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