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Managing Quotes and Shipments from the Road? Let uShip Do It

Siri. Alexa. Google. Cortana. These robot assistants may not sing like Cher and Madonna, but they’re still instantly recognizable with just one name. Households around the world trust these ladies to lock up the house, turn off the stove, keep track of appointments, watch the weather, and so much more. But when we unleash these capabilities in the shipping world, the possibilities are endless.

If you utilize one of the many robot assistants on the market for your home, you probably manage its capabilities through your phone, especially when you’re on the go. Your business should be no different. Rather than being glued to your computer finding the right shipments or negotiating costs, utilizing the uShip app to automate and streamline your processes can allow you to remain mobile and free up your time for more important tasks.

Finding More Work

For instance, carriers who use the uShip app can quickly filter listings by category, location, and listing type, then save that search criteria for future use. At the frequency you choose, uShip will then automatically alert you to new listings that meet those preferences, saving you valuable time.

When you enable location services on your device, the uShip app can also automatically alert you to any shipment listed in your general proximity, price tag included, allowing you to maximize each and every opportunity. With the uShip app, it’s like having a friendly broker in your pocket at all times.

Keeping in Touch

By allowing the app track your general location, it cuts down on the volume of calls, texts, and emails from customers wanting to know the status of their shipment and when you’re going to arrive. To protect your privacy, we only share your general proximity—never your exact location, and you’ll always have the option to opt out of location sharing.

With our latest update, we’ve also improved the communication features in the app so that quote and listing questions are separate, making it easier to interact with customers while you’re on the road. Regardless of how much direct communication you have with your customers, they’ll always receive automated email and mobile notifications at pickup and delivery.

Let’s Get Started!

The uShip app may not be able to automatically turn the mood lighting in your truck cabin on and off, but it’s always there to help when it comes to making your life easier on the road.  So, are you ready to let uShip automate your bidding and shipping process?

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