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How uShip Works
After trying in vain to find a commercial transporter to bring my project vehicle from Canada to California, I tried uShip. Not only did I find a great shipper, but I saved thousands over other online quotes.
I wanted to ship my car from Calgary to Moncton N.B and transport or moving companies were too pricy. I found uShip on the Internet and gave it a try. Turns out, i saved about $200 bucks on my shipment. I could of gotten a better deal if I wasn't in a rush to get this delivered. I could of received more bids for a better price.
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Preparing to Transport your Car

uShip is a great resource for auto shipping. It allows you to receive quotes from companies that specialize in vehicle transport. The first step is to determine your time frame. It is best to start the process a few weeks in advance of when you need your vehicle shipped, so you have enough time to find a high-quality auto carrier.

The second step is to decide which transportation service best meets your needs. One consideration is the pickup and delivery types. Terminal-to-terminal service is offered by the major auto transport companies. Their carriers transport your car or truck between their hubs. That option can be a cost-effective alternative to door-to-door service, which is the most convenient for the customer, but auto transporters also generally charge more for this personalized service because they have to leave their primary route and navigate residential areas.

In addition to the level of service you want, you will need to decide between the various types of trucks and trailers for shipping. Some trailers can be used for all sorts of vehicles, but not every trailer is that adaptable. A trailer that can be used for boat transport might be adaptable for auto shipping, but it is unlikely that a trailer used for motorcycle shipping can be used for auto transport. It is important to consider your priorities when deciding between types of trucks and trailers. Your choice will impact the cost and speed of delivery and also how much exposure your vehicle has in transit.

The next step is to hire a carrier. Your car or truck is a valuable asset, so it is important to do due diligence. Ask for customer references and insurance coverage. uShip makes it easy to verify credentials, read customer feedback, and negotiate price and logistics without calling auto transport companies from the phone book.

Once you have chosen a carrier, prepare your vehicle for transport, including removing all personal items and important documents. At both the pickup and delivery of your car, ensure a smooth process by being on time and well prepared.

If you have a tight budget and low prices are your biggest concern, hiring someone to drive your vehicle is an option. This is called driveaway service and you can indicate your interest in this type of service as you list your vehicle for transport in uShip’s online shipping marketplace.

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