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What is Terminal-to-Terminal Service?

Terminal-to-terminal auto shipping is used by high-volume car shipping companies and can be a cheaper way to transport your vehicle. A terminal is a regional storage facility. Oftentimes, vehicles are stored in a towing company’s secure lot, which is usually located in a large metropolitan area. Carriers transport cars to and from these terminals to combine shipments going to the same general area, so terminal shipping is often less expensive than door-to-door service. However, terminal-to-terminal vehicle shipping can be ineffective if you’re on a tight time-frame.

Terminal to terminal car shipping benefits people who want to drop off or pick up their cars on specific dates and times. Terminals may be located many miles away from you, but if you have the time and ability to get to them, you can save money. Cars may be transported by numerous carriers en route to the terminal where you will retrieve it. Therefore, it may sit outside exposed to the elements while waiting for the next leg of the trip. If this is not an issue, and you are more flexible, and willing to do some legwork, then terminal-to-terminal shipping is right for you.