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IAA Auto Transport and Tow Services

Vehicles sold at Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) can be tricky to transport due to their condition. Sometimes, they are in less-than-perfect shape, requiring special care. For this reason, the best option for shipping cars to and from IAA auctions is to hire a private carrier.

Private-carriers transport cars to and from IAA in many ways. Cars are typically hauled on open trailers, loaded into cargo trailers, or even towed. However, vehicles that do not run are winched onto flatbeds or into enclosed trailers. Learn more about the different types of vehicle transportation and trailers.

IAA Transport Services with uShip

IAA customers can use uShip to easily tow vehicles to and from auctions around the country. Over 41,000 rated carriers are eager to provide you with competitive shipping quotes. All you have to do is create a free listing and choose a provider – it’s really that simple.

uShip transporters offer auction-to-door delivery. In other words, they will pick your vehicle up from any IAA auction and deliver it to your preferred location.

Before selecting a uShip service provider for IAA transportation, it is important to first review their profile. Each profile contains helpful company information to help guide your decision. Check to see if the carrier has an active FMCSA MC number and if they carry insurance. Lastly, check the service provider’s reviews from previous car shipments performed on uShip.

For more information on choosing the right carrier, see our guide on selecting a quality auto carrier.

In conclusion, using uShip’s services to transport cars to and from IAA is safe, affordable, and easy. With just a click of your mouse, you can get instant quotes to ship a vehicle directly from the auction to your front door.

uShip is dedicated to offering safe auto auction transport services at an affordable price. If you have any questions about transporting a car from IAA, please contact us.