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How to Transport a Moped or Electric Scooter

Most folks assume that they can just drive their moped or electric scooter to its new location when they need to move it. The thing is, the moped may not be in working condition or it may need to travel long distances in order to reach its destination. Imagine riding a moped or scooter hundreds of miles to a new city or state – it wouldn’t be a smooth ride to say the least. Also, each state has its own laws and regulations around mopeds and scooters, so it’s best to keep the wheels off the pavement when crossing state lines.

This guide will teach you how to properly transport any moped or scooter regardless of the situation. If you want to save some time, you can always see what it would cost to hire a uShip moped transporter to do the heavy lifting for you.

How to Transport a Moped or Scooter: Step by Step

Transporting a moped, electric scooter, motor scooter, or any other type of small bike is pretty straightforward. To transport a scooter or moped:

Step 1 | Decide on a Transport Method

There are many different ways to transport a scooter or moped. You can use a truck, van, or trailer to easily get the job done. That said, if you do not have a vehicle for transport, think about asking a friend or hiring a professional in your area.

  • Pickup Truck: Any truck with an uncovered bed will work.
  • Cargo Van: A van with plenty of space for cargo is best.
  • Fully Enclosed Trailer: Enclosed cargo trailers offer great protection for long distance moves. However, they require additional equipment.
  • Open Trailer: Small motorcycle trailers are great, however, these can be expensive and also require installing a hitch on your vehicle if you do not already have one.

Once you decide on a moped transportation method, the process is pretty straight forward. But first, you will need to gather some equipment.

Step 2 | Gather Materials

Gather the following materials to transport your moped or scooter:

  • Straps: The best straps to tie down a moped or scooter are metal cam straps.
  • Bar Harness: A bar harness uses rubber cups attached to a strap to safely support handle bars during transport.
  • Wheel Chocks: These wedges help stabilize the scooter or moped during its move.
  • Loading Ramp: Metal loading ramps are necessary when using a truck or van. Trailers typically have pull out ramps. Furthermore, you can save money by locating a loading dock.
  • A Tarp: For open transportation in a pickup truck bed or trailer, it is best to use a tarp to protect the moped or scooter from road hazards.

Step 3 | Load Into Vehicle or Trailer

Loading your scooter into a trailer, van, or truck bed can be dangerous; please proceed with caution – you will want a partner to assist with this part. Using loading ramps or a dock, wheel the moped up the ramp and into the trailer or vehicle. Next, deploy the kickstand so that the bike sits upright on its own.

Step 4 | Tie Down

Remove any accessories before securing the moped or scooter to avoid damage. Place the bar harness on the handlebars and then attach it to the cam straps. Hook the cam straps to stable tow hitches on one side of the van, truck bed, or trailer. Next, position the straps over the top of the bike and hook the straps to the opposite tow hooks. Tighten and secure the straps as much as possible without damaging the bike. Use old shirts or towels between the bike and straps around easily-damaged areas. Finally, place the chocks around both the front wheels and back to avoid further movement during transport.

Step 5 | Unload Scooter or Moped

Once you have safely arrived at your destination, unload the moped or scooter from the truck, van, or trailer. To do this, you will need a partner. Unhook the straps and move the chocks. One person should be in the front pushing while the other is in the back supporting and guiding.

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