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How to Ship One Piece of Furniture

It’s becoming more common to buy and sell single pieces of furniture online, and it seems like that trend is here to stay. Selling your own handcrafted furniture, a vintage piece, or reselling furniture online is a great way to grow or start your business. The next question is: how to ship one piece of furniture?

There are a few ways to transport individual pieces of furniture, so you have some options. Luckily, uShip can connect you with all kinds of carriers who specialize in the transport services to meet your needs.

Whether you’re selling furniture pieces online, or you’ve just found the perfect piece to tie your room together, use these tips and step-by-step instructions to nail your furniture delivery.

What’s the Best Shipping Service Level for Moving a Single Piece of Furniture?

You have some options when looking for a shipping solution. Each option varies in the level of service, preparation needed, and cost. 

  • Shipping a Single Piece of Furniture as LTL Freight: This is the most cost effective furniture shipping solution. However, shipping a piece of furniture as LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) requires more preparation on your end, and gets less attention from the carrier. LTL shipments are often transferred from truck to truck, creating a higher risk of damage to your item.
  • Shipping a Piece of Furniture as Parcel: This would often seem like the go-to solution, as we’re all familiar with USPS. You may run into some weight and size restrictions when exploring this option, and it’s easy to see your shipping rate rise as additional fees are applied. Transporting furniture as parcel will provide some additional care, however you will still need to prepare the piece for shipping. 
  • Shipping One Piece of Furniture with White Glove or In-Home Delivery: If you have fragile, custom, or handcrafted furniture, in-home delivery options will be your best shipping solution for a smooth delivery. This shipping service is becoming more popular as the level of care during transit is a higher priority. As expected, when you choose a higher quality furniture delivery service, you will see higher shipping costs. Often, these transporters will blanket-wrap your item, and haul it first to final mile. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to your piece of furniture.

How to Ship One Piece of Furniture Cross-Country

Selling and buying furniture online means you have access to everyone in the country. Feel confident in a smooth delivery by knowing the best way to ship furniture cross-country

No matter the size of the item, the safest way to ship your furniture piece long distances is white glove or in-home delivery. This means fewer transfers and more protection. Not to mention, a better customer experience. 

If you’re on a smaller budget and have a larger or heavier piece, you may look into LTL. When shipping furniture with LTL, be sure you know how to prepare the right sized crate and properly secure the piece of furniture you’re shipping. 

Another option when shipping a single piece of furniture cross-country is parcel services. Again, you’ll want to make sure you can package and secure the item yourself, and remember the shipment may be transferred to other trucks along the way.

Local Delivery for One Piece of Furniture

Marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Trove Market, LetGo, and the classic: Craigslist are seeing an increase in people swapping, sharing, and selling. It’s a great way to quickly sell or buy directly from the source. 

Sometimes that awesome find is too big for your hatchback, or even your buddy’s truck. Local delivery is easy to find, but you can run into a lot of places to call to find a company that’s available, and has the right equipment to pick up and deliver your piece of furniture. With uShip, just list your item and local furniture shipping specialists will reach out to you directly.

What’s the Best Way to Ship Handcrafted Wood Furniture?

You may have noticed handcrafting wooden furniture has become a huge, and growing trend. It’s likely you know someone who spends their free time, or all their time wood working. With individual and unique designs coming from artists, hobbyists, and professionals, there’s a lot of interest in purchasing handcrafted, reclaimed wooden furniture.

From tables to chairs, cribs to couches; handcrafted pieces of furniture are always created with a care you can’t find from mainstream retailers. When you need to ship handcrafted wood furniture, you want to avoid all risk of it being damaged in transit. 

Shipping handcrafted or custom furniture is just like shipping vintage or antique pieces of furniture. It’s a high value, special care item. To have full confidence that your item arrives the way it leaves, you’ll want to look into options for white glove or in-home delivery furniture delivery. This means your handcrafted piece of furniture will have added protection with blanket wrapping, and one-touch transport from first to final mile.

How to Ship Second-Hand Furniture Pieces

There is a new trend in thrift stores, consignment shops, estate sales, and auction houses moving online. The transition makes it easy to buy and sell second-hand furniture from anywhere in the country. 

Most second-hand home decor is valuable and, at times, fragile. To avoid damaging these one-of-a-kind pieces, you will want a shipping service that provides the most care. In-home delivery or white glove delivery is your best shipping method. 

uShip’s in-home delivery service connects you with carriers who have experience transporting special care, large and bulky second-hand furniture pieces. This network of carriers blanket-wrap your furniture and have the know-how to handle any piece of furniture from a rocking chair to a sofa to a bed and beyond.

Using uShip to Ship A Single Piece of Furniture at The Right Service Level

No matter what piece of furniture you’re shipping, you can easily find a carrier on uShip. Take a look at uShip’s in-home delivery service, or go straight to our shipping marketplace to find parcel shipping service providers and LTL freight transporters. The feedback-rated carriers come to you with their best furniture shipping rates, saving you time and money.