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How to Save on Your Next PCS Move: A Military Perspective

My name is Jesse Vasquez and my time spent as an officer with the United States Army was littered with cross-country moves.

The moves I made in my career, as with most military PCS moves (Permanent Change of Station), were eventful, exciting, stressful and painful.  Anyone in the military can recall how frustrating it is during the big move, attempting to fit in last-minute out-processing appointments with final goodbyes to friends and colleagues, all in the midst of dealing with movers’ cancellations, missed packing deadlines, or damaged items.

I am proud to share uShip For Military, a website that helps our military, veterans, and their families streamline their next PCS move, as well as all your other shipping needs.

At Ease with uShip for Military:

As an online marketplace for moving services, uShip quickly and easily connects you with great moving companies. In a fraction of the time it would take you to receive quotes from moving companies over the phone, the free listing you post on uShip receives competing bids from numerous service providers and allows you to choose your winning bid.

  Save Time

You no longer need to waste time over the phone attempting to procure the right service provider. Post your items that require shipment on uShip and tend to your moving preparations while our vetted service providers immediately begin to bid on your shipment online.

Save Money

Finding the lowest bidder to transport your goods is easy and will help ensure you are pocketing as much money as possible provided to you by your DITY allowance. uShip customers save an average of 50% on their shipments due to the competition of the service provider’s bidding to win your business.

  Power to Choose

The freedom to choose is not always easy to come by in military life. With uShip, YOU select the winning bid based on price, delivery time frames, feedback score, and customer reviews. Maximizing your time and your money on a move has never been smoother.

To thank you for your service, uShip offers a special discount for all current and former members of the Armed Forces. There will be no fees for shippers or carriers who are verified as Active-Duty, retired, veteran, or military family members.

It’s good to know there are companies out there like uShip that support the efforts and sacrifices we in the military have realized to protect this great nation. Enjoy the efficiency and peace of mind uShip can provide you with your next PCS move!