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Hire a Driver To Transport Your Car

Whether you have a new car coming to you, or you’ve sold your car online and need to get it to your customer, you have some options when it comes to transporting your car. While shipping your car by car carrier is a great way to save money, you may want to hire a professional driver service or independent driver to transport your car.

Hire a Driver to Transport Your Car

If you choose to go with an independent driver, you can find one through a want ad that’s near the pick up location for your vehicle. Be sure to review any independent driver’s references, licenses, and you may consider a background check if you don’t know the person.

Professional driver services are fully insured, and many services will carry your items, and even your pets in your vehicle. This can make relocation much easier.

Protection for Independent Drivers

Independent drivers can be a way to save money, but there’s some additional considerations when considering an independent driver to transport your car. You’ll want to make sure they are covered under your insurance, or short-term insurance, in case of an incident. Your insurance would cover damages, perhaps at a reduced rate if you hadn’t added the driver to your policy. Keep in mind, any claim will increase your policy rates. For additional peace of mind, look into uShip’s protection plan for more confidence while you transport your car.