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Find a Moving Service

Moving isn’t fun and finding a moving service is often the toughest part. Sometimes you can move yourself, but often it’s best to hire a moving company. For long-distance or cross country moves, it will save you a lot of stress by hiring movers.

You want to check in with multiple services, share your inventory, see what their rates are, and then do your homework of researching reviews on the moving companies. Who has time to do this when you’re packing, organizing, and planning? uShip saves you time and money when you’re looking for a moving service.

uShip is your one-stop-shop for finding a moving service. Have a solid idea of the inventory you’ll be moving, including boxes, furniture, electronics, and any exercise or lawn equipment. Enter the details of your move, including your inventory and dates into a listing on uShip. Moving services will then send you their best moving quotes as they compete for your business.

Things to Look for in a Moving Service

  • License and Insurance: This is the number one thing to look for. Look at the mover’s uShip profile and see that they have an MC (Motor Carrier) license. They’ll give you the number as well, which you can review further in SAFER. There, you’ll find their insurance coverage as well. You can also talk to the movers directly on the uShip platform to find out more about their insurance coverage. If you’d like to look into additional protection, check out the uShip Protection Plan
  • Reviews: You can find these directly on the movers’ uShip profiles from people who have worked with these companies before.
  • Successful Track Record: Again, reference the uShip profile to view moves they have completed in the past and see what their customers had to say about their experience.
  • Everything You Need: Your moving dates are the most important thing to double check with your movers. Be sure they can meet your timing needs. If you need a mover and packer service, be sure to check with the movers to see if they are able to provide that service. uShip movers will only quote on moves they know they can take care of successfully, but it’s always good to check with them directly on specific needs.

To learn more about what to look for in a moving company, take a look at this helpful guide.

Why Use uShip For Your Move

uShip helps you save time and money when you are planning a move. Using uShip also means extra protection and support: