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Door-to-Door Motorcycle Shipping

What is door to door motorcycle shipping?

Motorcycle shipping companies usually operate on a door-to-door basis. However, many residential areas have narrow streets, low-hanging branches, dead ends, restrictions against large trucks and other obstacles to make pickup or delivery at your front door impossible. If this is the case, motorcycle shipping companies will coordinate with you to meet in a nearby parking lot. The extra space this affords will allow the transporter to meet you and safely load or unload your motorcycle.

Where should I choose to have my motorcycle picked up/delivered?

Certain carriers, have different methods of transportation depending on the drop off location. If it is impractical to have your motorcycle delivered to your front door, suggest an easy-to-find location nearby. Shopping center parking lots are a good bet, as these locations are designed for large truck access.

What things should I keep in mind about door-to-door motorcycle shipping service?

Before finalizing shipment, ask your motorcycle shipping service provider about pickup and delivery points. Understand that any time frames that a carrier gives you are estimates, and your motorcycle may arrive earlier or later than expected. Agree on a pickup and delivery point that is safe and well-lit. If your carrier should arrive at night, you will need enough light to inspect your motorcycle for damage.