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Door to Door Car Shipping Service

Get the best door to door shipping quotes for a vehicle with uShip. uShip is an online marketplace that connects you with carriers who can get the job done at an affordable price. If you are unfamiliar with door to door car services, you will enjoy reading this guide. Once you are finished, feel free to get an instant door to door car shipping quote at the bottom of this page.

Door to Door Car Shipping Service

Door-to-door service is provided by most auto transport companies. The transport company will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your door as possible. That said, helping your transporter can save you time and money. Many semi-trucks and trailers can’t easily make clearance in some residential streets and apartment communities. If possible, work out an easily accessible parking lot to load or unload your car with your provider in advance. Be as flexible as possible with your time-frame, and ensure that either you or your authorized representative is available to release your car to the driver.

Door to Door Car Shipping Delivery 

Door-to-door vehicle delivery service is much faster than the alternative. The alternative to door-to-door service is terminal-to-terminal service. With door-to-door transport, there are a lot of benefits:

  • Only car and keys are needed:
  • You shouldn’t need to provide a vehicle title or registration, unless the delivery location is in need of these items.
  • Additional Luggage:
  • Many carriers will allow items to be shipped in the vehicle, as long as it meets their weight limitations, and the items don’t block views through windows.
  • uShip Shipping Protection:
  • While any vehicle transporter legally needs to carry insurance, you have the option of additional coverage through uShip. You can’t get additional coverage through other carriers, like Montway or A-1 Auto Transport.
  • Best Door to Door Car Shipping Quotes:
  • uShip provides the best shipping quotes in the industry, as car transporters compete for your business, offering you lower and lower rates.