Other Prepared Foodstuffs, and Fats and Oils Shipping Stories

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Cakes Arrived Safely

I recently shipped 2 cakes and used Thomas's TLC Transports and they were very professional. My cakes arrived very securely and on time. They were a life saver.


What a great website. I can't begin to tell you how much searching, quoting, pleading I had to do to get a decent rate to ship my product. Then I stumbled upon your site and within minutes I had people on a bidding war to ship my load at the best possible rate. My product was shipped and arrive in great condition. Very smart service you guys are providing here. Jessy

Great experience shipping our product cross country.

Affordable solution to moving a half pallet of BBQ sauce in glass jars from Chicago to Western Montana, and as good or better than "standard" shipping in the past at 1/2 the price.

UShip is a huge help in these tough times

My wife and I started an eco entrepreneurship in our garage three years ago. Because of the unique service UShip offers as an option to conventional shipping we have been able to expand. Our whale tail shaped organic tortilla chips are now sold in three states and our chips have been donated to ocean conservation events all over the United States. UShip members have joined us by getting the chips ...

An Honest Outfit

The whole experience was so positive I am continuing to do business with this Company.

Stories: 1 - 5 of 5