Arcade Equipment Shipping Stories

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Erste Erfahrungen mit uShip

Alles gut gelaufen, am Anfang ein wenig unsicherheit vor allem wenn man wertvolle Güter transportiert und nicht direkt dabei ist.Würde uShip wieder nutzen!

uShip sollte jedoch eine ordentliche Rechnung für Ihre Provision bereitstellen können. Schwach von u

uShip sollte jedoch eine ordentliche Rechnung für Ihre Provision bereitstellen können. Schwach von uShip

Shipping my Ms pacman game

I needed a way to have my pacman game shipped, for a reasonable price. Robert and Irene did just that ! We discussed a timeline and I was not in a hurry, but yet, it was picked up and delivered quicker than I originally had agreed on !! Excellent shippers and very professional.

Return of a faulty ebay item

Would recommend this site purely down to Tim and his company. I have had an awful experience with an ebayer, of which I had to return a large digital fruit machine. Nothing they said or did was acceptable and having to return was a pain and time consuming. Tim made this return, easy, effortless and genuinely easy. Top man, top company and a credit to have on uship. I will be using again and they ...

Máquina Recreativa/Arcade

Siendo mi primera experiencia en uShip, no podría estar más satisfecho, tanto con el trato, como con el ajustado precio, como con la excelente comunicación y el perfecto transporte. Un diez para Pedro.

Buen servicio

Es práctico, económico y facil de usar; sin duda lo recomendaría para cualquier persona que quiera realizar mudanzas o transportes, trato mucho más personal que con muchas empresas de transportes.

Jukebox Rock Ola

Jukebox of 120 kgs purchased on ebay. Supported, very well packaged and put into container by Nowmove. Ship across the Atlantic and arrived at Le Havre. Came to my home in perfect cosmetic condition and good working. I am very happy and i recommand Mike of Nowmove. Thierry from France

Great experience shipping my pinball

Im so glad I watched the tv show or I would have never used this service. Great all around experience. Thank you

Excelente experiencia con envio de 2 maquinas recreativas GRANDES

Necesitaba transportar 2 maquinas recreativas desde Seseña Nueva a Badajoz, el factor importante era la economia, por que el bajo margen que tienen los negocios de restauraciones. Con TransNatxo ha sido desde el principio un trato excelente tanto telefonico como personal, un servicio excelente y un precio inmejorable. Gracias tambien a Uship por que en esta pagina he podido encontrar un tran ...

Primer envio

Ha sido la primera ver que he utilizado este servicio y ha funcionado a la perfección. La conexión con ebay es perfecta para dar confianza y que tengan información completa del material a enviar.

2 JUKEBOXES on the same Route

Had 2 antique Jukeboxes that needed a gentle touch and careful handling. Was able to get them from the east coast to North Texas with TexasProDirect. Steve was a true professional all the way...kept his schedule , informed me and my sellers every step of the way , carefully handled 2 heavy antique jukeboxes and delvered them ON TIME and in perfect condition. If top folks get a 5 star rating , Ste ...

Wurlitzer Wagon Wheel Jukebox - Model 780 Not re

I had a 72 year old Wurlitzer Jukebox to move 900 miles and Frankie Cross did a fantastic job from the price through the careful delivery. Total pro all the way , great communication , punctuality and took great care of the old Juke for me. Kudos! Uship is the greatest service ever , I won't ship anything without using Uship... smooth , resonable and professional!

1978 Kiss Pinball Machine

My KISS pinball machine was all intact made its way from New York , To Corpus Christi Texas……The KISS ARMY would be proud….

First timer!

I'm a French Canadian and since I still have a basic English, calling everywhere for quotes (because no company deal by email) isn't easy for me. help me to find a shipper 1000 miles from me easily. After a few clicks, people bidding on my shipment and I had enough time to ask all the question I need. I didn't even take the lowest bidder but the one I feel better to deal with. S ...

6 Items for transport

I am in the process of moving to Ohio and I did not want to take six arcade machines myself. I discovered UShip from the TV show (of course) and I am so glad I did. After moving a jukebox and cigarette vending machine that were both ridiculously heavy, I was done with heavy coin-op stuff on my own. The pick-up was great and I had my girlfriend's parents meet the delivery crew. They say that they h ...

arcade games a success

the shipper packed the games in the 24 foot cube very accuratly and fit everythingg in when i didnt think it would work. arcade games are a challenge to move and for first timers, they did fine.

fruit machine

i bought a fruit machine from down south and was stuck getting it bk to the northeast a friend of mine told me to use uship so i did and its fantastic to use and alot cheaper than normal couriers to deliver goods

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

The first time i have used Uship and it has been a very pleasurable one. I will definitely use Uship again and will recommend it to all my colleagues.


I used uShip to move an antique Opel from California to Taos. Worked great, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend uShip to friends.

Transport einer Musikbox von USA nach Deutschland

Ich habe mir über Ebay USA eine Musikbox gekauft die nach Deutschland Transpotiert werden musste.Nach dem Kauf habe ich über uShip einen Transportauftrag eingestellt mit der Option,die Musikbox muß Vorort verpackt und auf Palette gestellt werden. Es dauerte keine 2 Tage und ich hatte ein erstes Angebot von einem Spediteur aus den USA ,das mir sehr Preiswert erschien. Ich habe dieses Angebot auch ...

Arcade from Florida

Needed to ship an Arcade from Florida that I won on Ebay. I'm located in Chicago and the quotes I received were in excess of $1200. When I found you Uship I gave it a shot and I am very happy with the shipping service I received. The shipper was great and the price was excellent. I'll be using Uship for all my shipping needs. Thank You, Joe L


I tried to pick a shipper that was not overpriced, but not a fly-by-night either. I found Dave (DTRUCKMAN) and his price was reasonable, he was a local guy, and a working man, which i respect. He is a one man show,and respectable in his effort. His timetable , as far as delivery and pick up are concerned , were a little off, but that is expected to some degree. overall he was a pleasant guy, easy ...

Vintage Arcade Cabinet

I found uship looking for someone to ship a large classic arcade cabinet that I had always planned to buy eventually. Well, I found a GREAT working one for a cheap price, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Unfortunately, I needed a way to to get it here to Michigan, from Wisconsin. I listed my shipment not really knowing what to expect, but in the end I found reliable people bidding on my shipm ...

1st time to use uShip

I found a pinball machine I wanted to buy but it was several states away. I heard about uShip so decided to give it a try. I received several bids from different shippers & selected one of them, it turned out to be a terrific way to get something shipped. I would have had to make a round trip of about 1900 miles, so using uShip saved me lots in fuel costs, motels & meals, plus time off fro ...

Good idea here!

I won an acrade machine on ebay that needed to be shipped state to state for a total of 700+ miles. I called to see what brown could do for me and wasn't very happy with the prices. Those people that 'live to deliver' didnt impress me either. So I called a privately owned shipping company and the guy recommended uShip. Being a long time ebay user I felt very comfortable using uShip for the v ...

Pinball Machine.

I needed a pinball machine moved from Salt Lake area to the Denver area. The company I got from uship was fantastic. Extremely professional. I could not have asked for more.

Arcade cabinet shipment

I purchased an arcade cabinet from a message board forum. The item was located in Texas and I live in Illinois. I knew nothing of how to schedule a freight shipment. This site made it easy. I created the shipment and added some pictures. I was receiving bids from shippers within 24 hours. The process was fast and simple. I will definitely use this service again.

Coin Op Horse kiddie ride.

I was very happy with the U-ship process. I bought this 60 year old collectable on E-Bay but the catch was I had to arrange shipping myself. This was an odd item and needed to be picked up quickly. I am so happy it could be dilivered right to my destination with out having to pass through a lot of docks and tranfers.. I received very good service from my transport team. I was able to handle most ...

Got an arcade game shipped for less than I would have spent on gas!

Within a couple hours of posting my request for transportation of an arcade game here, I got a quote of $250 from Evildanes, which I thought was a mistake. I'd planned to make the trip to pick up the game myself until hearing about this site, and had figured my costs just for gas and tolls would be at least $260, not to mention I was a bit unnerved about borrowing a truck from a buddy to get from ...

Pinball 2000 machine

Had a shipment for a Pinball 2000 machine from FL all the way up the East coast. Now the Pinball 2000 is not like any pinball you've seen before. This was the last versions made before all the pinball companies went out of business. It has a video display monitor that plays an arcade game in conjunction with the pinball and with the added weight and head unit requires good packing and handlin ...

Moved a Vintage Skeeball machine from TN to MD

After not knowing how I could possibly ship a vintage Skeeball arcade game that I had won on eBay, I stumbled upon uShip site. Wow -- what a phenomenal service! In less than 24 hours I had a commitment from someone who would pick up my game outside Nashville and deliver it to my home in Maryland. I found his price fair, and he was very punctual. I have already told a few people about uShip... ...

Large arcade system

Easiest shipping service I have ever delt with. No arcane entry system, no "broker" looking for an inflated commission. Just flat auction rates and open bidding. Follow the requirements and you'll have an extremely simple time booking a shipment. Be as exact in your description and ALWAYS include pictures of the actual item. Great service!

My GNR pinball from FL to OH

I was worried about the cost of shipping when I was buying my machine. a called several big name shipping outfits...the quotes where double of that which I pay using USHIP.A friend suggested USHIP so I gave it a try. If not for USHIP I would not have been able to purchase the pinball machine and have it shipped here within my budget. Thanks! Sincerely, Joe Salsbury

remember uShip lists both pros and fly-by-nights

uShip offers a unique platform for putting your shipping needs out to bid among bidders who run the entire gammet. The good ones are mixed in with the not-so-good, so be careful and make sure your selection is not based strictly on low bid, or you may be sorry. Pay good money to a pro and you'll be a lot happier than saving some money with a fly-by-night. uShip ROCKS!


I needed shipping whithin 4 days. I found uship and put my price in and next day i was talking to the shipper on delivery. I was surprized how resonable and cheap the price was on shipping my arcade game. I will shure use again.thanks

Great experience shipping my eBay win

I wanted to bid on an eBay auction the seller was not offering to ship. I used uship and it was a great experience

Pinball Shipment

Needed to ship a pinball from Cali to Neb. Uship said the average cost was some outrageous amount like $1400. I found it odd since NAVL was only going to charge $356 to pick up and deliver.

Excellent service shipping my jukebox

I bought a jukebox from a guy in Nashville, TN on Craigslist and I needed to get it shipped to Austin, TX. I somehow found Uship and listed my machine and within hours I had 3 bids. I was a little apprehensive at first having never used a service like this, but eventually I accepted a bid from a guy named Howard based not only on his low price, but also he excellent feedback. The personal experien ...


keep in touch all the time ,great communcation ...would highly recommend...kept to times and delivery ..5star ...this is ur number one man ..

Carousel horse,

I had this beautiful Carousel horse for sale on ebay, only problem I'm in Calif. and most of the buyers were east coast, and most of the shipping quotes of $1500. killed any deals so i posted it on u ship and wow this really great carrier moved it from Malibu Ca. to Boston VA. for $300. !!! and in 7 days ! well needles to say my buyer was thrilled and so was i to find the old trotter a great ne ...

The get the job done right, the first time, EVERYTIME!

Denes (yes, thats how he spells it) and his team are somply the best and most professional teal I have ever worked with in this or any other industry. I easily give them a 6 stars or of "5" for a job better than well done! I personally would not hessitate to use this team and have a great comfort with any belongings to them. BRAVO! So glad I found you guys!

Great experience shipping my arcade game

I bought an old Return of the Jedi arcade game on craig's list in Charlotte NC...and I live in Sioux Falls SD. Initially I thought I'd just drive down and get it myself...then uShip had bidders offering to do the job for less than I ever imagined. I selected the best price and the rest is history.


We were at a loss as to how to have our new purchase delivered considering the weight of the item and the fact that it was as the other end of the country but when we found uship our worries were soon forgotten and it was a pleasant and easy experience to arrange our delivery. Thank you for your help

Great service shipping my pinball machine.

Fast communication with many providers. Was able to strike a deal with Jim Hill and received excellent service.

shipping of video game

Shipper told me he would be here by the 23rd of Dec. and he was. easy to work with and great commuication. I will use again.

Tony is the best!

Stand up guy who is on time and makes sure you are happy with his service. You can not find better service.

Arcade Shipping

I had purchased a large arcade game from OK through my brother and I needed shipped to me here in FL. I found uship from doing an online search and decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how many shipping companies use this site from all the bids I got for my shipment. The transporter I used was great, I was able to contact him at any time during the transport. I will definitely uship ag ...

uShip > uRelax

Wow! I mean...just wow! Great packing, great delivery, super careful, and faster than I expected. These guys are going to make a name for themselves. I'm glad I didn't let their low number of feedback ratings stop be from booking the. Would use again in a heartbeat.

Awesome handling of arcade machine.

Posted listing looking for a shipper from Oregon to Alberta. Got a response, and agreed to terms. Once item was in transit and before, there was constant communication, and the item arrived in good condition. Was overly pleased with service provided. Price was also below what I was planning to spend. Very happy overall.

Excellent first time experience

Being new to uShip I wasn't really sure what to expect, however I was happily surprised at how easy this system was to use and the quality of service I received from the shipper I selected. I will absolutely use this service the next time I need something shipped.

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