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. Great experience shipping my vehicle

Paul from DPR trucking is an awesome and very friendly guy. He kept in good contact with me while traveling to pick up my car and the same as with delivery. Paul makes sure you know where he is at. My car was transported in a fast and safe manner and I felt it was for an excellent price. If I ever need something shipped again I will definitely use DPR again and will recommend them to any friend ...

Good Experience Shipping My Vehicle

I wanted to ship my car from Calgary to Moncton N.B and transport or moving companies were too pricy. I found U-Ship on the Internet and gave it a try. Turns out, i saved about $200 bucks on my shipment. I could of gotten a better deal if i wasn`t in a rush to get this delivered. I could of received more bids for a better price.

Thanks DPR Trucking, Good Experience Moving My Car In Canada!

DPR Trucking brought delivered my non-running car from Edmonton to Halifax, and saved me a bunch of money over the quotes I got locally. The proprietor is a real nice guy, kept me well informed, and was on schedule. I was skeptical about using this website at first, but it was a great experience. Paul at DPR easily accommodated the specifics of the delivery. Thanks DPR, uShip, and the other provid ...

David delivered my car on time

David delivered my car on time and kept in contact with me during the shipment and his price is resonable ,he also dealt when mechanical problem exist.

Great experience shipping my vehicle


very satisfaid withe the service of towing

special thank to uship i finaly found someone to transport my camper from massachusset state to province of quebec

Good shipper, great price

Freda is an excellent planner, and did a good job shipping my vehicle. She does not allow small obstacles to become large problems. She communicates frequently, and clearly. I will not hesitate to use her again.

Above and beyond shipping a generator

we needed to ship a 50kw generator that was mounted to a 2 axel trailer, we had purchased the item through an auction house over the internet and it was located in Canada, it became apparent that that the paperwork to get the generator across the border was going to be a headache. We posted on Uship and had several bids and one of them said they would handle the customs paper work, we hired Spotte ...

1950 GMC pickup with unassembled parts

Easy to deal with. Handled difficult situation with ease. (Multiple parts shipped with truck) I would highly recommend this shipper. Delivered in a timely fashion. Reasonable rate. Met my target price. Long distance haul. Kitchener to Calgary. I will definately use USHIP again if the situation ever arises.

Classic ' 74 baby (Maserati) passed between the generations

On one of my recent visits out west (BC), my parents decided I was finally mature enough (I'm 37 for heavens sake) to take over the care of the family beast. OK. Perhaps they simply realized I would give it more attention than they were going to now... The challenge although small in comparison to the world travels it's been through (Italy, Kuwait, UK, Canada, UK, Canada (Toronto, then BC, ...

The best shipping experience YET [ and I have had MANY !! ]

Driver 35 brought home to me a 1950 Daimler Empress RHD that the Queen Mary is seen driving in history pictures. It is an all aluminum body. It sounds foolish, but I bought this car BY ACCIDENT !! WIves never will swallow THIS story, but it is totally true. I was trying to help a small ON LINE auction house get more interest in some of their cars, knowing that the Empress was so far away from a w ...

Got my Car shipped to Toronto

Uship is agreat service. I had no issues with the shippement ans the sevice was great. JH

2700 Miles, no problem!

This service provider is excellent! This is the type of person that keeps me comming back to U-Ship. Cross border move with not even a small problem.

great experience

item: car shipped from Florida to Hamilton Ontario. Sam Damico is the shipper I got a very good price I'd use U-ship again for sure, as it gave me lots of options

T.S MARINE Top Notch Service

I needed equipment moved from rural CT, USA to rural NB, Canada. What are the chances I'd find an affordable service provider that I could trust? Thanks to Uship I found TS Marine and my equipment was delivered how, when and for the cost TS marine promised. T.S marine is the old fashion kind of honest, hardworkng, polite and knowledgable that you don't come across every day. If you are luc ...

No Feedback is NOT necessarily a negative!!!

I listed the delivery of my 350Z from Los Angeles on UShip on the off chance that someone would come through. Having considered doing the drive myself with my wife, I had quickly concluded that the ensuing marriage counselling after 3 days in the car togther was too big a cost! Next time around, Lifesatrip will be my first call. What a great service and how easy it is to use. Within a matter ...


My toyota 4 runner was shipped from Georgia to Scarborough,for moving reason, by Mr. Sam Damico. He did a great Job, I cannot tell about the price by comparison cause I haven't other market. the service was good, but uship lied, when it said:" i was going to have a discount". Frankly I don't know.

Satisfied Customer

I've recently had my Jeep driven to Alberta by David Smaller and i was very satisfied with his service, i would recomend his services to anyone. many thanks Julie

My move West

It all started on Jan. 4/08....My moving van pulled up the driveway from was raining cats and dogs. This was January, not April! Then as tme went on we made arrangements to have our travel trailer delivered from Ontario in late April...Bob, the man that patiently went thru storms, snow and white outs arrived in our driveway with our 26 foot travel trailer! The driver, Bob got out o ...

Great experience...

I am an older person who chickened out a month before my acheduled departure. Driving more than 3000 kil. alone on a very busy road did not appeal to me any more. In this short time, everything was organized, papers filled, payment made, my own ticket bought, and my driver Ian showed up exactly on time to drive my Acura from Florida to the Maritimes in Canada. Three days later, -- the day after I ...

Ford Ranger Crossborder..

Bought my Ford ranged a month and a half ago. was looking foward to go get it by myself but had trouble with my province's law with license i tryed a few shipping site yet couldnt find any interesting price...until i found out about Uship, i posted my shipping needs and the day after i had 5 or 6 shipper that had bidded...choosed one and communicated with him right away....then no new f ...

Now, THAT was easy!!

I just received my car last night. Mike and Kelly did a fantastic job loading my car in their new enclosed trailer and delivered it as promised. We met at a rest stop last night in northern New York state and were lucky enough to bump into a cute NY State trooper chick named Bobbie. She just happened to be a car freak too and helped us unload the car. uShip is definitely gonna get more of my b ...


we shipped 2 vehicles to Canada & everything was great

Great job

What can I say "Stellar RV" were outstanding, the dealer that I purchased the 5th Wheel from did not say that the tires were unsafe, these guys fixed up the problem they were delayed by a day, but decided to tag team in in and still arrived on schedule. It was a great find on U SHip if anyone out there is shipping and you get the quote from Stellar,,,, just use them. Thanks guys,,,,Nan & Dave

Great experience

We ad a camper shipped from Halifax to Regina and everything went extremely well.

Great experience shipping across Canada

Our provider through UShip gave us a much better price than anyone else as well as a faster delivery. Everything was taken care of door-to-door, as well as that we were able to ship some of our belongings with the vehicle, which other shippers would not do.

Vehicle Shipment - Wonderful Service

We shipped my sons' car across Canada so he could have his vehicle while going to University. As it is an older car the possibility of something going wrong was high if we chose to drive it. Using UShip turned out to be a wonderful alternative and ended up being the quickest, most inexpensive and safest way to get the vehicle to our destination. The Service Provider was excellent. Quick respon ...

My Thanks

Thanks for your service. I actually was procrastinating using your service when I forst clicked onto your link - but very happy I did. Bob was excellent, my jeep and bike arrived in BC in the same condition they left Ontario in. Thanks again

Great experience shipping my vehicle

We recently moved from Sacramento, CA to Calgary, Canada and had to leave one of our car in Sacramento since we decided to drive in one car. That's when uship came into picture. I did try several providers before trying uship and uship beats them all. The whole process is so smooth and so convenient and easy to follow. Great job uship. Kudos to all who work on uship. Listing my car on wa ...

Great experience!

Was very skeptical having an unknown person take possession of my 50k car but Darren was very reassuring and provided everything i needed to make me feel secured, he was patient, understanding that this was my first time using such a service, My car was well taken care of and i was promptly advised of any changes to our schedules and agreement. Overall this was a very transparent transaction and i ...

A very positive experience!!

I needed an old Mercedes shipped from Calgary to Ottawa and recieved an excellent bid from Joe Sousa and Canada Car Carriers. I saved $600.00 by using Joe and CCC and not the rail service. By the way the car was picked up and delivered right to my door!! Joe was also very flexible and was able to comply with a couple of requests of mine. I would highly reccomend Canada Car Carriers to anyone movin ...

High Jacked Car

I had my 1923 customized Ford street rod high jacked from the Pickup point by a rival shipping firm. Somehow they got copies of dates, addresses, name & times of the USHIP pick up. My USHIP driver, MEGAJOE, located the car in about 3 hours, hunted them down, got my car back and delivered it to my front door 5 hours later. It was a helpless feeling knowing my car is 5 hours away in the hands of a s ...

First Time user. Great Service.

I needed my Ford F100 shipped from London ,Ontario,Canada To Vegreville,Alberta,Canada. I placed my shippment and within 1 day I had a bid that I was more then happy with. And using the u-ship web site was easy.

My car is called "baby"

When I was getting my VW Beetle a friend said I was talking as if adopting a baby. Hence, when the bug arrived it got nicknamed "Baby". And she is babied. So, the thought of handing her over to complete strangers to be driven across the country, Ottawa, Ontario to Vancouver, BC filled me with terror. I got some costs from big companies to put her on a container, but felt the lack of personal care. ...

Shipping my vintage truck across Canada was super easy

I must admit that i was initially worried about shipping something as precious as my vintage truck over 4000km's across canada. Uship made it very easy to find a qualified shipper with credentials. I will use uship again. Thanks uShip guys!

worry about the shipment of your car??

I had to send my car to US and I was woory about the price and the service. A great friend of mine referred me to, explained to me how this works, I stopped looking into other media and resources, and in less than I thought I start receiving offers. The first bid I got was from Dave form "Hit the road", and then others. Before I accepted somebody offered me money for the car so I cancel ...

Great experience shipping my car

Posted my request to ship my car from Calgary to Toronto. Received a good offer, much better than the quotes I got by phoning around. Driver arrived when he said he would, loaded the car and left in a matter of a few minutes. The car arrived on time and in excellent condition. On a funny side, the driver thought he could deliver the car earlier, which wasn't necessary as I had a delivery date that ...

shipped car from Vancouver to Montreal

this was first time using uship and I think this is an incredible idea, kind of like eBay of shipping industry. Overall very happy, and after calling EVERY freight company in Vancouver, uship got me the best deal !

1959 monarch

i was a bit worried about buying and shipping a car 2000 miles away.but was taken care of by lorelei meldrum and her team.they took care of everything with the seller made all the arrangements for pickup of a car not running with only three tires with using state of the art equipment.if you need something moved these are the people thanks again Ron

truck transport

Purchased a truck that I needed driven closer to home due to time constraints and service was excellent.




Loved the website, excellent idea to connect shippers and shipping providers. Great service and great trust in the transaction through the ebay style here. Brian.

Awesome experience

I shipped my 68 Dodge Charger and it was heading to Vancouver, Canada from San Diego, CA. I didnt receive very many bids but they were quite reasonable of those that did bid. I am a student that just finished school and could not afford very much but very well done. The car was well taken care of and protected. I would use uship again when I do need to have a car shipped again.

44 foot gooseneck

I had dave put in bid for trailer he was great I had no worries at all and everything was done as he said I would use him again no questions asked

Great Experience through Uship and transporter

We had a great experience with uship both in finding a transporter and the actual shipping of our 2006 Honda Civic and personal items. I was moving back to Canada and had a very short time frame to work with in finding a transporter and shipping my vehicle and was able to do both sucessfully. Cars to Florida went above and beyond our expectations although parts of the shipment were stressful i ...

Small camping trailer calgary to vancouver island

Got me the quotes I needed to know the hauler I used was giving a competitive price and could see their reliability.

24' Jayco Trailer

Found a Trailer on Kijjiji that was perfect for my Family, and was light weight enough for me to tow. After searching and contacting several Transport Companies and even Rail Transport, concluded that the transportation charges would be so high that it would not make economic sense to purchase the unit so far away. That were u-ship came in and provided the tools that enabled me and the shipper ...

A Restoration Project Car Haul Experience With A Great Start, Execution And Finish

As I indicated in the feedbaack left for the service provider, they were professional, positive, accommodating and communicative and I couldn't have asked for more. I wish every experience I had with a service provider could be so pleasant and successful and all at the best price I could find. The commitment to satisfactorily perform was 100% real and I would recommend them to my closest friends a ...

Great website connects effectively

uShip is a tremendous service connecting quality shippers like A&M Transport with folks needing their service. I will highly recommend both.

Great experience shipping my camper

If you have ever been to Newfoundland you know it is an Island in the Atlantic and certainly presents some challenges when shipping items, especially large items like a camper. I had tried on several occasions to call various independant shippers to get my camper shipped from Newfoundland to Alberta - all without luck. After a month of searching I had given up on shipping the camper and was actu ...

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