Canada Shipping Stories (Less Than Truckload)

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Pallet from Maine to Ontario - piece of cake!

Unusual cargo, a heavy church altar got to the church on time!

Jackie Dempere of Far and Wide Moving from Seattle rolled into our meeting place in North Dakota on time. She had carefully packed it in the back of her van along with other's treasures, and a boat trailing behind. Her service was a godsend in getting this large, heavy church altar from east of St. Louis,way up north towards its new home. We have already held the first service upon it, and sent ...

Thank you Tammy and Dan!!

They shipped a new ATV for less than it would have cost me in gas to get it myself.. I wasn't able to get it across the border (because there is a 72hour hold on exporting motor vehicles) and couldn't find any storage facilities open at 3AM, so they offered to bring it back home with them, store it until customs cleared it for export, and bring it back to the border to meet me.. Talk ab ...

Great experience shipping canada to usa

I was shipping household items. It was expensive to shipping with popular shipping provider. Uship through less expensive and flexible. I was shipping from canada to usa. My service provider was sam movers domico. He was nice guy. I got good price. Best thing was pick up and drop off. With other shipper you have too drop and pick up. I deal with very nice person and nice service provider. Of cou ...

Great Experience Shipping New Appliances

Snow Ball Express did a great job shipping large, heavy kitchen appliances from Kalispell, MT to Calgary, AB. He picked up the appliances in Kalispell and provided on-time service to meet us at the Canadian / US Border (to clear Canadian customs) then he continued to transport the appliances and delivered them -- right into our home! He safely shipped the appliances in a new, enclosed auto ...

Great experience shipping my packages

Perfect transaction- exceeded my expectations!

Good value in shipping electronics manufacturing equipment

I purchased a used machine which is quite large from a previous owner. It was 10' long, and about 2000lbs, making it more difficult to transfer than just a skid. I was looking for a direct pickup and deliver by one carrier/one truck so it would not be handled, and thus need a $1000.00 crating charge. I was patient on the dates/schedule, but the shipper kept me informed of her location and progres ...


the guys know shipping to canada great guys

Very good experience

JD two stage snowblower. On time, arrived in excellent condition. No problems and would use again.

If it has to get shipped with care and integrity this is the guy

Terry shipped my 2003 Harley fatboy from Arizona to Plentywood MT. Which is 20 miles south of the Saskatchewan border or 200 miles North of Nowhere. The bike had 31 Original miles on it so needless to say it wasn't cheap and I was concerned about the shipping procces. I looked into some door to door shippers but they where very expensive at around $1400.00 and up and I had to use a Customs Broker. ...

Outstanding experience shipping my 2 large ATV`S

I am very please of the USHIP service obtained! Before finding the USHIP site I made 100`s of phone calls to various transportation firms with no real success. I list my shipment on USHIP for free and within the same day had receive several offers at good rates! I decided to use the service of Kodiak Transport (contact Jeremiah Scott) My shipment travel from Us Kentuky , US Michigan to Alberta Ca ...

Excellent experience shipping quad

Shipping a quad from Illinois to Kelowna BC. Kodiak Construction, one of the few that would deliver to Canada, came in with a good price door to door. Communication was great constantly updating status. Driver was very friendly and professional going above and beyond what his duties outlined.

Shipping my Lathe

Jackie Dempere was my shipper to get my lathe from California to Ontario. This was my first time shipping an item. Jackie was very helpful and accomodating.

great way to ship

shipped 2 golf carts


I was shipping a fireplace that I bought off the internet to my cottage in PEI. I used uship to find someone to pick up the fireplace from the person I bought it from and take it to PEI. I didn't need to go all the way to Belleville just to ship it out east. Uship saved me a long trip for nothing and saved me a good deal of money. I'll use this service anytime I can. Thanks Erin

Shipping my Yamaha Rhino UTV

I had this company transport my Rhino I purchased on Ebay from a Company in Tennessee. They delivered it to my door in Grande Prairie,Alberta,Canada. This was done in a very professional and curteous manner. I was kept informed of all the progress in picking up the unit, clearing the border with the proper documentation and the exact delivery time. I would highly recommend this company!! C.Schul ...

Bike shipment

Very happy with the site and shipment. Shipped both my bike and Jeep together and was a bit nervous to have both sets of wheels missing but very happy I did. Shipment arrived on schedule and in the some condition it left in. Would use your site and Bob again. Thanks for your service

First Time User

Purchased ATY 1200 on ebay 1200 miles away. No time to pick up atv my self. Needed a shipper ebay suggested Uship.

Found a very helpful lady trucker

My husband and I recently relocated to Canada. We had to have our personal goods shipped with very little notice or time to prepare and pack. I contacted several movers and had no response, but as soon as I placed an ad with uShip I had contact from a couple of truckers. We chose Far and Wide because Jackie, the proprietor, was willing to travel interstate to our remote rural location to pic ...

Ship my bike to Canadian Border

I needed my bike Shipped from Savannah Georgia to Buffalo New York... Frank was able to ship the bike on time as agreed upon and their wasn't a scratch on the bike... I would highly recommend first time shippers and or other Canadians to use Franks service... He's a man of his word... Keep up the good work Frank!! Sold2you

Antique Swedish Drafting Table from Canada to Texas

Jackie Dempere picked up my drafting table in Ottawa Canada, nursed it through customs, and delivered it to me in a timely fashion down in Texas. Great experience!

excellent shipping experience

Uship is a fantastic way to ship. Especially for small or new companies, where shipping costs are hurting the budgets. was excellent in quick pick up and reasonable price. saved a 150.00 I will use uship all the time. we ship water heaters light but bulky. This is the service for us.

Shipping my machine

the first truck cancelled out, but my shipper said they would still do it for the same price. The next ruck hauled it to the Canadian border, then was not allowd into Canada, so that company had to send a another driver, so it took a little longer to get here, but best of all is that it was all taken care of and I did not need to be chasing it around.

Moose travels 2000km with no legs

"George" has been on our wall above the piano, watching over our family and guests for years. When my parents decided it was time to move from Winnipeg, George (the mounted moose head that my father had hunted) had to move too. His new home? My brother's new hunting/fishing outfitting store in Kelowna - a perfect fit, except, he wouldn't be walking there on his own... Where do you even begin? O ...

Swim platform

I like u-ship. It's very easy and comfortable way to find shipper. I'll be use u-ship in future for sure. Thank's.

From Kentucky to Ontario

I had an opportunity to bid on a vintage 1920s Magic Chef gas stove on ebay. Only problem was trying to figure out how to ship from Louisville, KY to eastern Ontario, Canada. Seller suggested I try uship (too bad my email program sent her email to my junk mail box and I only read it a couple of hours before auction end). I frantically placed my shipping request on uship. Within a very short pe ...

smooth transaction

I purchased a mixer from a canadian ebayer. According to the listing on ebay .The mixer weight 450lbs. I felt the weight was incorrect and added 300 extra pound to 700lbs.When the mixer was pick up,The shipping company scale read 1820lbs.I was way off and the canadian .The mixer was a better deal than expected.The glentleman that was the winning uship quote winner was on my side, trying to dispute ...

Shipped unusual equipment - they handled it fine!

Good service. Kept in touch so I always knew what was going on. Was able to work with me through customs, etc. Product arrived on time, trucker was friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend provider and use the service again.

shipment of 2 arcade cabinets

took my uship bid on the road for 2 arcade cabinets going from flordia to toronto. got here fast, helped me find a broker and everything was well wrapped in thick blackets. she had a cute dog with her, hehe.

Excellent Experience

She was a great lady to deal with. Highly efficient and professional service. She did both loading and unloading right on time highly professionally. Wrapped everything nicely. She went beyond extra mile in helping fixing our furniture as well. She became like a family to us. We definitely recommend her to others. Uship should give her more and more business. Best Wishes Fakhr & Rubab

Awesome handling of arcade machine.

Posted listing looking for a shipper from Oregon to Alberta. Got a response, and agreed to terms. Once item was in transit and before, there was constant communication, and the item arrived in good condition. Was overly pleased with service provided. Price was also below what I was planning to spend. Very happy overall.

Excellent shipping experience

Jackie, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable which made this whole experience a very positive one. The goods I was importing had belonged to my father so they mean a lot from a sentimental perspective. I am very pleased and thankful that Jackie made it possible to have these items in my home. Using the UShip site was also easy and helped make this experience a very positive one. I would not he ...

tough problem

I highly reccomend uship, I had a posotive experiance with a tough problem, I was in danger of loosing my belongings, Jeff my shipper was a godsend. Yes would use uship again if needed. Sandra Kelowna BC.

great experience shiping my belongings

i had my shipment from california to lethbridge alberta, canada. it was great to have bidders and be able to ask and clarify things, even sometimes got educated n moving terminologies!I saved a lot compared to having direct contacts with shipping company-my service provider was weshipamerica, they did an incredible job in communication, promt service and to my suprise had ups pick my things from c ...

This Guy's a real Pro!

A normal world is where people do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, for the agreed amount. Larry's that kind of guy!

The best way to ship a smaller load

I had just a few items (some furniture and a few boxes) to ship from Montreal to Calgary. I looked into all of the options - UHaul, renting a container, using a courier, the bus, etc. The cheapest way I could find was more than double what it cost me through UShip. Because I didn't have a full load - even though I was prepared to drive a truck across Canada, it was going to cost more than the s ...

Antique Stoves travel across the Country.

I needed two fragile, antique railroad pot belly stoves moved from Ontario to Calgary. uShip was what I chose and I'm glad I did, since I got to pick who actually brought them. There were several bidders, prices were roughly similar and based on feedbacks, I made my choice and the stoves arrived in fine shape! My shipper was flexible and accommodating when some scheduling details went awry, and ...

Bedroom furniture shipped to naples, Florida

The story started off on USHIP. we began the bid process, but I did not take the others as LOU for some reason had the best feedbacks. We negotiated back and forth I think three times and then I accepted the bid. Everything else was easy - an email, followed by a telephone call, arrangements as to when to pick up the goods - very punctual and professional - all the goods were wrapped with blank ...

Shipping vehicle parts

I found myself in the unfortunate situation of having a collection of antique car parts in Bellingham WA but my home was in Edmonton. I flew to Vancouver, rented a truck and moved the parts to a storage locker in Vancouver. I hadn't made firm plans to bring the parts back from Vancouver until a colleague who had shipped a personal watercraft earlier in the year told me about uShip. I listed ...

Auction sale

Went to the sale in my Jetta car. Bought two grapples. No room in car for grapples. How do you get grapples home? Get in my truck drive 15 hours or use uShip? Cost about the same as fuel for my truck! Saved me a day

Thanks, uShip!

I had a wonderful experience with uShip. I received a number of bids to ship my oddly-shaped, heavy, unpalletized item from Canada to Texas. Couldn't have been easier.

Scooter delivery -Canada

Jackie Dempere, Great communication, we always knew where she was with out shipment. Scooter arrived in Canada on time and in perfect condition. We highly recommend Jackie Dempere to anyone.

Shipped 2 crates from Nevada to Alberta.

I was recommended to this site by a group member of a yahoo group I belong to. To go get these in my own vehicle I estimated my expenses to be about $1000 in fuel, not including my time. I thought I would try this and see how it want. I met up with Traci and she was fantastic to deal with! The shipment got here super fast, and the expense was less than 1/2 of what it would have cost me to do i ...


I have used uShip a few times and have been very happy with the great quotes and service providers that I have hired. I ship paintings, which need special attention, but have always paid great prices. Saved hundreds of dollars.

cabinet from Sweden via Vancouver

Did not know how to get the cabinet from Vancouver. Uship gave us a solution and probaly saved $1000.

Shipping auction goods

I needed to ship a auction purchased snowblower from Grande Prairie,Ab to Kamloops,BC.It would have cost me way to much time and money to go get it myself.So I listed it on u-ship.The service provider (phanson) did a very excellent job for a very modest price.The web site worked very well for me with no problems.I would use u-ship again. Thanks

3 Mowers

Agreed on price. Picked up on time loaded and secured well, called 2 hours our to confirm delivery. Excellent

Toronto to Fort Myers - Miscellanous Household Goods

I had about 20 boxes worth of stuff, about 1000 pounds total, to ship from Toronto to Fort Myers, FL. I looked at UPS, FedEx, Greyhound...all sorts of shippers and it looked like it would be at least $2500 to ship all of my stuff - way more than I wanted to or could pay. Somehow, I found out about Uship, researched it, and decided to use it. After I created my account, took a few pictures ...

Shipping of service body

My whole U-Ship experience was quite easy. I managed to find a transport service that made the whole thing even better. I was moving a removable service body from Arizona to Alberta and of course it was not a normal size pallet. Mark made things so easy. His attitude and service level is beyond reproach. I would have no issues with using U-Ship again. Jim W Alberta Canada

Cold days in Buffalo

I was on my way to deliver this fireplace insert myself to Mississauga,Canada and they wouldn't let me cross the boarder. Not having extra money for a room i slept 2 nights in my van in 15* weather and also the heat in the van didn't work .U- Ship gave me a way to resolve my problem and the agent was fast and efficient in finding me a carrier and the price didn't take too much from what my custom ...

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