Australia Shipping Stories (Special Care Items)

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Video Game Arcade Unit from Melbourne to Bundaberg

Living in the regional area of Bundaberg Queensland. My obsession with collecting large Video Game arcade units has really been limited to purchasing them from Brisbane and driving down to pick them up. 
Melbourne seems to be a huge honey hole source for these items and I've always dreamed of getting a rare arcade unit. Recently one came up on eBay! My heart was filled with excitement yet at ...

The Blue Board

The chance to replicate Cheyne Horan's Winged Keel board. Bargain buy on Gumtree, but it was in Bundaberg and the Surf cargo people don't go near there. So how to get the board back to Sydney without it costing a small fortune......negating the bargain. Uship was recommended on the Vintage Surfboard Page. Dianne at Bikes2U responded within minutes of me posting my request. I was informed at e ...

Stories: 1 - 2 of 2