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About The uShip Load Board
  • uShip is a freight marketplace with thousands of loads
  • Loads for flatbed, drop deck, lowboys and vans.
  • Build a national reputation with feedback and grow your business.
How uShip Helps Commercial Freight Haulers
  • Loaded back hauls - Find Truck Loads and LTL freight for your back hauls
  • More Profitable Trips – Find LTL loads on your existing route to make more per mile
  • Build a National Reputation - Feedback works as references and testimonials for your business
  • Free leads emailed directly to you
uShip Tips for Truckers
How to unload Freight

You may find freight on uShip that you will have to fingerprint. You can either find a lumper, or unload it yourself. If you do decide to unload the freight yourself, here are a few guidelines to follow.
  • Stay safe, wear a back brace, and leather gloves if you have them. Remember to bend at the knees, even light loads can cause damage if there is a lot to unload.
  • Follow the pattern the receive gives you for repalletizing. After you have stacked a few levels high, ask a dock supervisor to make sure you are stacking according to their guidelines.
  • Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.
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