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uShip Carrier Perks: A Day in the Life

uShip has designed a set of perks for carriers in its network for use on and off the road. These are practical discounts and offers for every stage of a transporter’s journey.

To bring that to life, here’s how transporters on uShip – from sprinter van owners to car haulers to box truck drivers – can use uShip Carrier Perks to keep money in their pockets and build their businesses at the same time:


In our day-in-the-life scenario, our driver Carl has been on the road throughout Texas for the week and will arrive back home in Phoenix later tonight. Carl has been on uShip for 5 years and has a 4.85-star rating. He’s a member of a few In-Home Delivery private carrier networks and has a constant flow of shipments coming from high-volume uShip partners.


6:00 am

Rise and shine, Carl! He didn’t rest particularly well. His bad back is acting up after awkwardly lifting that surprisingly heavy chest of drawers in Lake Jackson. Fortunately, Carl signed up for a healthcare plan through Stride. Really affordable coverage for himself and his family. He schedules an appointment with his doctor during his time at home. For now, a few Tylenol will do.

uShip Carrier Perks - medical

6:30 am

On the road, but Carl needs to fill up first. At a Shell station on I-35, he whips out his uShip Fuel Card, powered by AtoB. Throughout the day, Carl will repeat this fill-up process – a Valero in Fort Stockton, a truck stop in El Paso, and a Chevron in Tucson. They all take Visa, so they all take Carl’s uShip Fuel Card. And it works with his other fuel card too. Fill’er up, Carl!

uShip Carrier Perks - fuel card


9:45 am

Ruh-roh! Carl’s tire pressure light goes on in the middle of West Texas. That can’t be good. Fortunately, in Fort Stockton he finds a Discount Tire just off I-10. Diagnosis? Picked up a nail and it’s not looking good. Thanks to his tire maintenance program through Stride, Carl saves 40% on a new set of tires. Sprinter van’s got a set of shoes! Go, Carl!

uShip Carrier Perks - tires


1 pm

Uh-oh, Part II. Now what?! Carl’s dash light goes on again. This time it’s his oil light. Thanks to Carl’s repair and maintenance program through Stride, he was able to save about 35% on an oil leak fix and oil change. In less than an hour, he’s back on the road.

uShip Carrier Perks - auto repair


3:30 pm

While dropping off an antique desk for a uShip customer, Carl books a huge shipment through the uShip app: 16 fishing kayaks going from Phoenix to San Diego. Load’s too big for his sprinter van, so Carl decides to add instant capacity by renting a new 16’ Hertz box truck to handle the job. His special uShip Carrier Perks link gets him a special Hertz pay-now discount that includes a ceiling rate

uShip Carrier Perks - Hertz rental

BONUS: This shipment is for Vibe Kayaks, a uShip In-Home Delivery customer. Carl knows this will give him 50 deliveries for the month and trigger a $500 uShip fee credit through the In-Home Delivery Rewards Program into his account for hitting that confirmed delivery threshold. Rock on, Carl!

uShip Carrier Perks - ihd


6 pm

Carl’s got finances on his mind. He’s a bit behind on things and knows upcoming taxes aren’t going to be fun. Once he returns home to Phoenix, he decides to use Stride’s tax prep perk and gets 50% off TurboTax software at the same time. Tracking mileage and other write-offs will be much easier for Carl.

uShip Carrier Perks - taxes


8:30 pm

Carl’s in the homestretch, now driving during dusk. He notices on-coming car lights are extra bright tonight, in a headache-causing sort of way. Not good. He decides it’s time to use the Stride vision plan he picked up for $9 a month, which includes a frame allowance and a free checkup.

uShip Carrier Perks - vision insurance


uShip Carrier Perks are offered exclusively to transporters on uShip, not the general public. If you’re a registered transporter on uShip and want to take advantage of the discounts and savings, check your email for information from uShip (including monthly newsletters) or contact us at [email protected] for a sign-up link.