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Which of These 8 RVs Is Right For Your Next Road Trip?

If you’re like many Americans looking for ways to get away from it all, purchasing an RV is an attractive option that offers a safe way to travel without ever having to get on a plane. Or perhaps you’re like countless others who are embracing remote work and choosing the open road as their new home office. Whichever lane you find yourself in, both of these recent phenomenons have caused a boom in RV sales, leaving local dealers swamped with backorders and restless buyers still stuck at home.

Luckily, with online marketplaces like eBay Motors and Facebook Marketplace, it’s never been easier to purchase the RV of your dreams and have it shipped directly to your door. This means you could be miles down the road in your gently-used Winnebago or fully-converted camper van, while others are still on a long waiting list for a brand new ride.

But which recreational vehicle is right for you? Whether you’re new to life on the open road or a seasoned wanderer with lots of miles under your belt, finding the right RV to fit your outdoor lifestyle takes some research (and perhaps a bit of soul searching).

Here we take a closer look at eight of the most popular types of RVs to help you discover the perfect fit for your next big adventure.


Hands down the largest, roomiest, and most expensive of the RV family is the Class A motorhome. The ultimate motorized home on wheels, this is a great option for long-term living and family vacations (or touring the country with your favorite rock and roll band). While the Class A is certainly the coziest choice, it’s not for first-time recreationists and can be hazardous to drive on certain roads (not to mention a pain to park). Because of this, many Class A owners end up towing a smaller vehicle for trips into town and local sightseeing excursions.

Ideal For: Adventurous empty nesters and big families

Used class a motorhome rv


Big things come in small packages with the Class B motorhome. While this RV may look like a regular sprinter van, it actually has a raised roof that allows for plenty of standing room and all the amenities, including full kitchen and bathroom capabilities. Considered one of the easiest motorhomes to maneuver, this vehicle is great for solo digital nomads or couples who want a quick weekend getaway.

Ideal For: Adventurous couples and solo explorers

class b motorhome rv


Looking for an RV that’s more maneuverable and economical than the Class A, but still big enough to fit the whole family (plus all the amenities)? As Goldilocks would say, “The Class C is just right.” This perfect middle ground RV is great for large families who require lots of sleeping space or full-time, out-of-office roadies.

Ideal For: Big families and long-term road warriors

Class C motorhome rv


Similar to the Class B, but with limited head space and fewer amenities, the camper van typically refers to a van (like a VW Bus or Ford Transit) that’s been converted into a livable mobile home. Because of its small size and limited amenities, the camper van is best for solo travelers or harmonious couples. But don’t let its small size fool you. With a little ingenuity and creative vision, you’d be surprised what you can fit into a camper van.

Ideal For: Adaptable solo travelers and outdoorsy couples

white camper van


Kicking off our towable (aka non-motorized) lineup is the popup trailer – a great choice for occasional campers looking for an affordable option. This compact RV is so easy to tow, even cars can do it! That makes this trailer perfect for short trips out of town and weekend camping excursions. However, if you’re looking for your new home on the road, you might want to look elsewhere. The popup trailer is basically a collapsible tent on wheels, meaning there’s not much standing between you and the great outdoors.

Ideal For: Novice explorers and first-time trailer owners

white popup travel trailer


Are you more the outdoorsy type and prefer a camper that you can easily detach from? The truck camper is for you. This economical mobile home (sometimes called a “slide-in” or “cab-over”) is great for those who don’t mind roughing it.

Ideal For: Spontaneous truck owners

truck camper on white truck


Great for both long-term and short-term trips, the classic travel trailer comes in multiple shapes and sizes and is easily towed by minivan, SUV, or truck. While many folks may dream of living out their RV fantasies in a trailer like the iconic Airstream, these mobile homes are not for inexperienced travelers. Most travel trailers are hard to back up and park, and can be tricky to keep stable while in transit.

Ideal For: Seasoned roadies

small airstream travel trailer


Meet the granddaddy of all trailers – the fifth wheel. This luxurious home-away-from-home includes ample room for all the amenities and a more stable ride for long-term roadies. The only catch? Fifth wheels require a truck to hitch on to.

Ideal For: Big families with a big truck

stand alone fifth-wheel travel trailer

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