Does your REST API need an SDK?

Introduction When integrating with a platform that offers a REST API, a developer sometimes has the option of downloading the client library in their language of choice, or writing HTTP code themselves to integrate with the API directly. You as an API provider should decide early on if you wish to offer SDKs to your… Read More

An NHibernateMARE on Elm Street

We use (and generally like) the ORM NHibernate for MS SQL Server data access, but we understand why you might not. Ohhhh, the things we have seen! We’d like to share some of our favorite horrors, so that you can avoid them. Originally, our Repository<TEntity> base class implemented IEnumerable<TEntity>. This allowed us to do clever things… Read More

Actionable RESTful API Errors

No matter how hard your API clients try, they will eventually get back errors from your API. apigee has an excellent blog post describing the reasons why detailed error messages are incredibly important for API client developers when starting to consume your API. When designed and used appropriately, these errors can be immensely useful to… Read More