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4 In-Home Delivery Companies That’ll Change How You Look at Shipping

For all the craziness in 2020, it has shown us the importance of logistics, supply chains, and transport companies, especially those behind the wheel, when it comes to delivering stuff we need (or at least think we need), and coordinating in-home delivery.

Prior to empty toilet paper shelves, scaled-back take-out menus, and waiting weeks (gasp!) for an e-commerce delivery, it was easy to take delivery companies for granted. Naturally, this has been driven by Amazon’s obsession with speed and efficiency that has set the bar for the rest of the market.

But now, while in the midst of a pandemic that has thrown a mighty, Paul Bunyan-sized wrench into the cogs of our economy, it’s time to recognize some of the transport companies making it happen on America’s vast network of highways today, those who have risked their health and safety by continuing to make large and bulky deliveries.

On uShip, where over 35,000 active transporters earn all or a portion of their revenue through the site, we’re highlighting four specific companies that we feel might change how you look at shipping in the future, specifically around In-Home Delivery, even as we return to a new normal – whatever and whenever that is.

Read on to find out what all four of these In-Home Delivery companies have in common – and how you can tap into this common bond, too.


in-home delivery companies, king shipping
Deandre Ingram owns King Shipping and has three 2-person teams covering the eastern U.S.

Years on uShip: 7  ⋅  Primary category: High-end furniture and household goods

As a former big-rig driver, Deandre Ingram of King Shipping is no stranger to the road. When an interior designer friend offered him a shipping contract while between driving jobs, he never looked back, turning a new opportunity into a much larger business.

After seven years on uShip, he now ranks among the top 20 in shipping volume, with half coming from Exclusive Shipments through uShip’s In-Home Delivery partners such as Chairish and 1stdibs.

He’s grown his business to three two-person driving teams – one in a Ford F350 with an enclosed trailer, and two in two 26’ box trucks – that zig-zag around the eastern half of the country from Texas to the Eastern seaboard.

About life on the road right now, during the pandemic, Deandre says, “It’s a good perfect storm right now. Cheap gas. Cheap hotels. Lots of loads available.”


in-home delivery companies, here 2 there shipping
Here 2 There Shipping & Storage started on uShip three years ago and is now among the top 20 in shipment volume.

Years on uShip: 3 ⋅  Primary category: High-end furniture and household goods

Michael’s story is not an uncommon one on uShip: he turned driving long distances for personal reasons into a full-fledged shipping business, ultimately earning enough money to quit his “day job.”

When his son began playing Division I lacrosse a few years ago, he drove to see him play as far south as Florida and as far north as Minnesota. Recognizing his travel was “costing him a fortune,” he began shipping people’s dogs through a service to cover gas and hotel costs.

He eventually found uShip and turned his attention to less animated 4-legged shipments: chairs, tables, and couches. The more he traveled, the more he shipped, and gradually saw his reputation build, which in turn, allowed him to charge higher rates. Eventually, he earned enough so he and his Soulmate could quit their previous jobs.

Today, with a fleet of vehicles – including box trucks and sprinter vans – Here 2 There Shipping & Storage ranks among uShip’s top 20 carriers by volume. His business is earning more money than he made previously and provides a more flexible schedule, one that allows for taking in a lot of lacrosse.


in-home delivery companies, find a way shipping
Elizabeth Orton, owner of Find a Way Shipping, has continued expanding her fleet and coverage footprint.

Years on uShip: 2 ⋅  Primary category: High-end furniture and household goods

Since starting her business on uShip in July 2018, it’s been non-stop for Elizabeth Orton, owner of Dayton, Ohio-based Find a Way Shipping.

In her first six months, she turned one cargo van into a fleet of five vehicles. Since that time, she’s added two semi-trucks and diversified her shipping sources outside of high-end furniture (from sources like Chairish, 1stdibs, and EBTH) to include military household moves and some government contracts. This year, she also plans to further expand her business outside Ohio, starting an office in Florida.

To Elizabeth, being a female transporter means “living” and having the freedom to be her own boss. While out on the road, she says she’s able to clear her mind and thoughts, finding it meditative to be behind the wheel.

She’s passionate about being a female owner in the transportation industry. Keeping her team going and encouraging high-quality transportation, communication, and delivery shows grit and integrity.


Diaz Transport
Diaz Transport, LLC owner Jaime Diaz, with daughter Daniela, has been in logistics for 20 years.

Years on uShip: 2 ⋅  Primary category: High-end furniture and household goods

Jaime Diaz has been a transport professional for over 20 years, but since diversifying on uShip just two years ago, his family-owned business, Diaz Transport LLC, is now a Platinum Power Carrier and ranks among the top 40 carriers by volume on the site.

Daughter Daniela handles operations, indicating they never saw a lull in business on uShip during COVID-19. Operating throughout California, their main sources of business on the site are Chairish and 1stdibs, giving them instant, Name-Your-Price bookings through these partners that keep them moving.

On the company’s profile page on uShip, they offer a diverse range of services; however, one thing remains no matter the item or items being shipped: pride in customer service. Scrolling through the company’s reviews, time, and again customers comment on the quality and care of service and how they would not hesitate to use Diaz Transport again.

Want to know what they all have in common?

Each provider above has access to Exclusive Shipments from high-volume furniture sellers partnered with uShip In-Home Delivery.

Interested in growing your transportation business on uShip? See how easy it is to pick up extra shipments (and cash) on one of the largest online transportation marketplaces out there.