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Stress-Free Bulky Item Shipping for Moving Season

As moving season approaches, promising new beginnings and the allure of a fresh start, the prospect of dealing with bulky items can cast a shadow over the excitement.

The treadmill gathering dust, the inherited china cabinet — these behemoths can turn moving day into a logistical challenge riddled with slipped discs and swear words hurled at your mother-in-law…all bad things. Even moving a mattress can be tough. Have you ever tried to grip a king-sized pillowtop mattress? Holy schnikes!

But what if you just want help moving that classic car or grandma’s antique armoire since you landed that new job a few states away?

Fear not, for uShip, your reliable large and bulky shipping expert, is here to lead you through the complexities of bulky item shipping during the peak moving season. You know…to help clean up that vocab. And if you just need help with the fragile stuff, we have solutions for that, too.

Understanding Your Cargo – Size, Weight, and Fragility

box truck for moving season

Before embarking on your moving journey, it’s crucial to take stock of your bulky items. Categorize them based on size, weight, and fragility.

This foundational step empowers you to choose the most suitable shipping method for each item (and gives you the best chance at the best quote — being organized at the time of posting shows your carrier it will be an easy haul for them), ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

By having a clear understanding of your cargo, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive quotes from shipping professionals.

If you’re loading your large and bulky items yourself, think “low and slow.”


You want to keep your heaviest items as low as possible — you know, because physics — and because they’re heavy, you’ll want to take it slow on the road. Low center of gravity, low speed, and you’re (almost) sure to succeed.

Fragile items need lots of love and attention in packing and transport, but you’ll learn about that more in a second.

Dispelling Myths — Unraveling the Truths of Bulky Item Shipping

Let’s debunk some common misconceptions that can complicate your moving experience:

Myth #1: Traditional movers are your only option.


While traditional movers are suitable for smaller loads, uShip provides an online marketplace connecting you with customer-reviewed shipping professionals. It’s a bit like Tinder for your bulky belongings, allowing carriers to bid for your business, resulting in competitive pricing and access to specialized carriers…no swiping needed.

One of the best things about uShip is we can help with whatever part of your move is most daunting. For instance, let’s say you’re fine moving all of your smaller, less fragile items. Great! We can help you find the right carrier who will help with all the large and delicate items. Chandeliers, boats, classic cars, antiques…things that need that extra bit of expertise.

More than just two men and a truck, uShip offers a way for carriers (the people who move big and bulky stuff every day) to meet shippers (the people who own said big and bulky stuff) to get the best prices while keeping trucks moving. It’s a win for both parties.

Myth #2: Packing is an afterthought.

On the contrary, proper packing is essential. Invest in robust boxes, durable packing tape, and ample padding (like bubble wrap and packing blankets). Clear labeling will save you from playing furniture Tetris in your new living space.

Myth #3: Insurance is an unnecessary expense.

Accidents happen, but we have your back. The uShip Protection Plan gives you added peace of mind when cross-country, or cross-town, moves need to happen. One pothole could ruin that priceless European steamer trunk.

Bonus Tip: The Power of Disassembly

Consider disassembling bulky items for easier shipping and cost savings. Break down large furniture into manageable pieces, making the entire process less strenuous and more efficient. It can also help to label parts on sticky notes. Also, place the hardware in a labeled bag making sure to write the name of the piece it corresponds to; I’ve had luck taping this bag to the furniture itself.

This proactive approach can save both time and money, turning a potentially back-breaking task into a manageable endeavor.

If you’re dreading that part and would rather have it off your plate, don’t overlook having those larger things done for you. It’s a great way to cut costs — outsource the big stuff and move the smaller stuff yourself.

Advanced Moving Season Strategies – Navigating the World of Bulky Item Shipping

moving season made easy

For truly outlandish belongings, explore specialized strategies. Even if you are hauling most of your move yourself, these strats will alleviate much of the headache.

The Vehicle Voyage: Transporting a vintage convertible? Consider enclosed trailers or open-air carriers with proper tie-downs and weather protection.

The Grand Piano Pilgrimage: Pianos require delicate handling. Opt for specialized piano movers who understand the importance of climate control and proper care. The last thing you want is a chuck in a truck who knows nothing about the delicate nature of pianos.

The Drivable Dino: For unique items, uShip’s network includes specialists handling everything from oversized artwork to dinosaur-esque Burning Man cars (for real…read the next paragraph). Clear communication and documentation are crucial in such cases.

We’ve transported some truly odd and wonderful things in our 20 years of path-blazing glory. From a literal dinosaur-sized vehicle (used at Burning Man), the world’s largest drum set, pallets of shrimp, and even a wooly rhino skull (check it out), we know big and bulky/odd/seriously!/that’s a real thing!? shipping.

Planning as Your Superpower — Tools and Resources for a Smooth Move

Preparation is key to a seamless moving experience. Leverage uShip’s online tools to:

  • Get instant quotes: Compare rates from multiple carriers to secure the best deal without compromising quality.
  • Track your shipment: Enjoy in-app real-time tracking updates as your bulky items journey across the country or across town.
  • Access moving resources: Find helpful tips, packing guides, and ways to protect your valuables to ensure your move is as smooth as a freshly brewed cup of coffee on a crisp morning.

In the End…

Navigating bulky item shipping during the moving season doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Armed with knowledge, dispelling myths, and utilizing advanced strategies, you can confidently approach your move. Just ensure you are armed with lots of boxes, tape, and packing blankets — you’ll need them.

If you’re going to do it yourself, I commend you. Having moved twice in as many years, I don’t envy you; had I known about uShip and the affordable rates we have on our marketplace, I would have given it some serious thought. On my last move, my bicycle fell off the trailer somewhere…and I loved that bike.

Or you could just use the best, most fantastic shipping partner in all the world (laying it on too thick?)…uShip.

With us, you don’t have to lift a finger except to point right where you want things to go. uShip offers a truly white-glove experience from start to finish. And remember, don’t overlook having just a portion of your move outsourced. Those heavy, fragile, or other precarious items are a pain.

Don’t be like me. Don’t lose your bike, bed, or bumper pool table. List your next move on uShip and see what rates are out there. You’re under no obligation, and it costs nothing to post.

If you don’t, say goodbye to your stuff for me.