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4 Ways Business Shippers Can Stress Less on Nationwide Delivery

Offering nationwide delivery for large and bulky items can be a nerve-racking experience for even the savviest of business shippers. Once that couch, car, or catamaran leaves its pickup location, it’s out of your hands and a number of things could go wrong – including unexpected shipping expense losses.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your precious cargo (and bottom line) from things like accidental damage and theft. Understanding your unique shipping risks and making educated decisions is the first step to protecting your total net profit (and stress levels).

Here we’ll explore four proven ways business shippers can worry less when it comes to nationwide delivery.

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1. Choose the Right Transporter

Choosing a carrier who is qualified for the job at hand is the first step to ensuring a smooth shipment. Before selecting a transporter, be sure to read their reviews and select a licensed carrier who has experience with nationwide delivery. You’ll also want to make sure they have the proper equipment needed to ship your items.

2. Select the Right Type of Service

Tempted to go for a lower level of service to save a buck? Think again. Smart business shippers know that service selection should always be based on what you’re shipping and what your customers expect.

Need to send a high-end armoire? Consider home delivery service from a first-to-final mile carrier. Shipping a vintage Mustang? Find a transporter who has experience transporting classic cars. You might have to pay a little extra, but the added level of care will go a long way.

3. Properly Package Your Items

Ultimately, if you select the right transporter, they should know how to properly package and secure your cargo for transport. Household goods shippers will want to make sure their items are properly blanket wrapped. Vehicle and motorcycle shippers should ensure their transporter has the proper trailer for the gig.

4. Purchase a Shipping Protection Plan

While choosing the right carrier and properly packaging items usually prevents damage from occurring, purchasing a shipping protection plan is one of the best ways shippers can protect their bottom line (and general stress levels).

Instead of covering unexpected losses out of pocket, protecting your shipment will make sure you’re covered for most scenarios. This means extra peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process