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Using uShip to Transport Your Dog

Do you need to transport your dog but aren’t sure which transportation service you can trust? uShip is here to help. Not only will we make sure your fur baby arrives at their new home safely, but we’ll make sure you get the best rate with the most reliable transportation service.

We’ll take the anxiety out of safely transporting your dog by connecting you with the best dog transporters. They’ll send you quotes based on your transportation needs, so you can sit back and let the right transportation service come to you. Each transporter on uShip has a profile so you can ensure they have great customer feedback and animal transportation history. If things get a bit hairy along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re not only here to make sure your dog makes it home safely, but to make sure your experience from beginning to end is as easy as possible.

How to Transport Your Dog

Transporting your dog is no worries with uShip’s three easy steps!

1 | Create Your Listing on uShip

The first step is to create your listing. Include your dog’s breed, name, size and any special needs they may have. Be sure to include the size of the kennel your dog will be transported in, or if you require the transporter to provide one for you. Don’t forget to list your desired budget and time frame. Being as detailed as possible in your listing will ensure that the transportation providers contacting you are best suited for your (and your pup’s) needs.

Boxer puppy in the grass with the woods in the background
Two dogs in travel crate in a 4WD

2 | Choose the Best Dog Transporter

Now that you have completed your listing, transportation providers will begin contacting you with quotes as they compete for your business. Before you accept a quote, make sure you have read through the transporter’s profile. This is where you can view their transportation history, customer feedback, insurance policy and safety records.

You can also ask questions and raise any concerns you may have. We recommend enquiring about how often the dog will be let out of its kennel, how often it will be fed and what the process is for staying overnight. By asking questions and viewing transporters’ profiles, you can confidently choose the best option for your pet.

3 | Transport & Delivery

Congratulations on finding the perfect dog transportation service! Now you’re ready for transport and delivery. Make sure you and your chosen transporter have clearly agreed upon the location and time for pick up and delivery, and that they have your contact details. If there is a third-party involved, provide their details to the transporter to ensure a smooth transaction. It’s also crucial to have your payment ready at the agreed upon time.

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Two spotted dogs in the back of an 4WD

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Dog in Australia?

The cost to deliver a dog depends on the distance and needs of the dog. The average cost to deliver a dog within 300 kilometre is $120 to $250. For longer distance deliveries, the average cost is A$270 to A$500.

Check out our cost to transport index, for more specific details on dog deliveries completed through the uShip marketplace. There, you can see similar deliveries to your own and get an idea of how we work.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Transport

Properly preparing your dog for transport will ensure their journey is comfortable and give you peace of mind that they are safely on their way to their new home. If your pet hasn’t travelled before, we recommend getting them used to sleeping in their kennel. Putting their favourite toy and comfortable bedding in their kennel is a great way to give them comfort on their journey..

Here is a quick checklist to ensure you have provided all the necessities: comfortable bedding, food and water, medication (if applicable), health records, identification on collar and microchip, and a collar and lead. Check with your transportation provider to ensure you have provided everything they need as requirements may slightly vary between different companies.

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