uShip Tracking has built the most precise and up-to-date shipment tracking platform available anywhere in the transportation industry. Using a variety of tools and applications, Transportation Service Providers can provide their location so uShip customers can easily track their shipments.

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How Does uShip Tracking Work for Shipping Customers?

Customers can track the location and activity of TSPs and shipments from the uShip Tracking Center.

  • Track the progress of shipments while they are in transit.
  • Feel secure about the location of your shipments.
  • Find TSPs in your area and submit more targeted bid requests.
How Does uShip Tracking Work for Transportation Service Providers?

  • Give customers added peace of mind and increase the chance of your bids being selected.
  • Display your location on your profile to get more targeted bid requests from potential customers.
  • You're in control with options to hide your location or opt out.
How Does uShip Tracking Work for Location Service Providers?

Providers of location-based services can integrate their tools and applications into uShip's Tracking platform.

  • Put your applications to everyday use.
  • Easy integration with
  • Real-world application and user-based results.
  • Contact us to integrate your services into uShip's Tracking platform.
Location Applications

A range of location-gathering applications are available to uShip members.
If you would like to offer your location-based services to uShip customers, please contact us.

uShip Status Updates with Location
Status Updates
  • TSPs update the location manually by submitting a street, city, state or ZIP/postal code through a status update.
  • Can be updated in real-time as frequently as the TSP wants with the desired level of detail.
  • Location is updated directly from TSP's Dashboard, the TSP's profile or the uShip mobile site