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Trailer Types for ATV Shipping

You can choose to transport your ATV in either an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. They both have their own advantages. While it is safer to transport your ATV in an enclosed trailer, there are good reasons to use open trailers as well.

Using an Open Trailer

You can use an open trailer if you are planning on shipping your ATV a distance that can be covered in one day of travel. Open trailers offer accessibility not available with enclosed trailers. There are many more open trailers on the roads than enclosed trailers, so the potential for quickly finding an ATV transporter who uses an open trailer is much higher.

If your trip is short and you are not concerned with your ATV accumulating scratches from kicked-up rocks, or if you need your ATV shipped in a hurry, using an open trailer is a great idea.

Using an Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed trailers offer a security unmatched by open trailers. Enclosed trailers can be locked, so if your ATV is going be take more than one day to ship, the carrier can lock the trailer overnight to ensure safety. You can also be sure that by using an enclosed trailer your ATV won’t encounter any problems caused by rain or the elements

It might be a bit more challenging to find a transporter on short notice, but your ATV will be much safer and has a better chance of arriving in the condition in which you left it.