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Side-by-Side Getaways: Why Shipping Your Recreational Vehicle Makes Sense

I live in a small town in Central Indiana. Here, it’s not abnormal to see open-air, knobby-tired, LED-fitted, LOUD side-by-side buggies (or SxS as you may have seen them) on city streets.

Sometimes I see them at the grocery store. Or going through a drive-through. Or at the Rural King. Actually, I see them a lot at the Rural King.

Regardless of where I see them, the fact of the matter is this: they’re much more prolific than they were even five years ago. Heck, one of my town’s well-known police officers is so into them that he left the force to work in the SxS world.

If you own one of these machines, you know how hard it can be to find trails that are open for SxS use. Luckily, many small and struggling towns in the south and out west have begun to get a huge boon of tourism due to parks and other entities opening trails for buggies to use.

But sometimes, just getting your buggy to these places can be an uphill battle…and not the fun in-a-SxS kind.

In this blog, I’m going to get into a bit about why shipping your side-by-side with uShip to your next adventure is a good idea and how it can even save you money.

Side-by-Side Adventure — Getting There is Half the Battle

side-by-side on wooded trail

When it comes to recreational vehicles like side-by-sides, the thrill of the adventure often comes with the challenge of transportation. Oftentimes, as you’ll find out, it’s actually more beneficial to have your SxS hauled for you instead of doing it yourself.

As these off-road vehicles become more popular, finding open trails has become easier, but getting your SxS to these destinations can still be a logistical challenge. This is where shipping your side-by-side with uShip can make all the difference.

Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a great set of trails, getting your SxS dirty (which is what it was meant for) can be tough. Living in a town where they’re street-legal is all good and fine, but you know the machine craves mud, rocks, creeks, steep hills, and anything else mother nature can throw at you.

Some of these vehicles weigh close to 2,500 lbs, so they require a decent trailer capable of the weight and with the right rigging points to secure it to the trailer itself. You also need a truck capable of towing the load.

Another consideration there is having a truck with enough horsepower to pull the load up and down fairly steep hills. Many of the best places to ride are deep in the hills and hollers in the south or even in the mountains out west or in Appalachia. If your trailer doesn’t have trailer braking, you might be surprised at how hard it is to stop, especially going downhill.

A good friend of mine (and the inspiration of this blog) had to buy a diesel pickup because his Tacoma wasn’t able to handle traversing the topography to get to the places he and his wife want to get to to ride their Polaris RZR…at least not without struggling quite a bit. It’s just not built for that kind of load.

Get it There Without the Hassle

side-by-side on mountain trail

Don’t let getting your buggy to the best spots keep you from experiencing the best terrain out there. Maybe you want to keep the wear and tear off your truck. Maybe you have a trip planned, but your truck or trailer is broken down. Maybe you just don’t have access to the gear capable of the haul — whatever the reason, it shouldn’t stop you from hitting the trail.

With uShip, nothing will prevent you from getting there.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping people haul large and bulky items across town or across the country. Having shipped thousands of passenger vehicles, heavy equipment, boats, and motorcycles, we have the expertise to get your buggy where you want it.

Sounds expensive, right? Well…no. Not at all.

A Marketplace-Based Approach

uShip is a marketplace. I’m sure you’re familiar with eBay (which is a uShip partner — we help handle their vehicle shipping needs). uShip operates in a similar way.

When you need to get your SxS (or anything big) anywhere, all you have to do is post it on the uShip marketplace. It’s free to create a listing; it only costs you if you decide to book based on one of the bids you’ll soon start to see roll in after you post.

If you find a carrier who has the price you’re looking for (check their reviews, too, to make sure they meet your expectations), you can book their services right there and coordinate pickup and delivery all in one place.

And because it’s a marketplace, you’ll know you’re getting the best price available. When carriers compete for your business, you win. You’re also under no obligation — you can post your SxS shipment at no cost, check your bids, and decide from there whether or not you want to accept one of them.

Why Ship with uShip

Here are a few reasons why shipping your side-by-side with uShip makes sense:

  • Convenience: With uShip, you can easily arrange for your side-by-side to be picked up from your location and delivered to your destination. This means you can spend less time worrying about transportation and more time enjoying your adventure.
  • Cost Savings: Shipping your buggy with uShip can actually save you money compared to driving or towing it yourself. By avoiding wear and tear on your vehicle, fuel costs, and other expenses associated with long-distance travel, you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank.
  • Safety and Security: uShip’s network of experienced transporters ensures that your side-by-side is handled with care and arrives at its destination safely. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands throughout the shipping process. Our carriers do this everyday!
  • Time Savings: Shipping your SxS with uShip allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent on the road. This means you can spend more time exploring new trails and less time behind the wheel.

This is especially great if you’d prefer to fly to your destination; maybe you live in Ohio, but you want to see what the trails out west have to offer. Just ship the buggy, fly out, and viola. Easy peasy.

Transporting your side-by-side with uShip offers a convenient, cost-effective, and safe way to move it to your next excursion. Whether you’re heading to the mountains, the desert, or anywhere in between, uShip can help you get there with ease…and getting it home is just as easy!

So why wait? Book your shipment today and start planning your next buggy-bound getaway!

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