Visual Studio+ReSharper-level Productivity in VSCode

Update 2017-05-22: This post originally written for a project.json .NET Core project. It has been edited for a .csproj .NET Core project. Visual Studio Code (aka VSCode) is a lightweight text editor from Microsoft. Many people think just because it is a “text-editor”, they will be missing the features they are used to from an… Read More

April Fools – Developer Style

Here at uShip we are pretty big fans of open sourcing code. At the same time, we are also fans of a good ol’ prank. Hence, we have decided to open source a few of our favorite code pranks to share with the world (and just in time for April Fool’s Day). But first, a… Read More

JavaScript for C# Developers

Overheard at work today: “…this is why I hate JavaScript so much.” Sound like something you’d say? Instead of letting the hate flow through you, know that it doesn’t have to be like that. JavaScript is evolving quickly and picking up luxuries that C# has had for years. Subtle Differences Before I get into the… Read More