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How One Woman Grew Her Truck Fleet Four-Fold in Just Six Months

This blog post is one in a series that celebrates women in the logistics industry. Inspired by International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019) and Women’s History Month (March 2019), uShip is sharing inspiring stories of women in trucking, whether they’re behind the wheel, booking shipments on a laptop, or making decisions in the boardroom.

Owner of Find a Way Shipping, Elizabeth Orton is providing jobs for people in her community, and proud to be a leader in the trucking industry.

woman in cargo van
Elizabeth Orton, Owner of Find a Way Shipping

She is the owner of Find a Way Shipping, a family-based business Elizabeth started with her cousin in Dayton, Ohio. They specialize in moving high-end furniture shipments, especially for EBTH (Everything But the House). Moving furniture surely comes easy to these two athletes. Elizabeth played Division I basketball at Wright State, and her cousin is an NBA player.

Elizabeth started picking up so many shipments, she’s built her own fleet of carriers who all offer room of choice services and in-home delivery services. She believes strong communication makes for a smooth delivery, and great service.

Four-Fold Capacity

Business has been non-stop ever since Elizabeth jumped on uShip in July 2018. To show just how fast they are growing, consider how quickly she added to her fleet. After starting with one cargo van in July, she bought a 5×10 trailer in October to add capacity.  Then one month later, she bought a second cargo van, and then in December she wrapped up the year by purchasing a 26’ box truck. She reports being able to keep all her vehicles full and running.

woman trucker

As a female business owner, Elizabeth has come across some struggles, mostly around perceptions of men working for woman. She considers these snide comments from customers just a bump in the road that don’t deter her enthusiasm for the business.

To Elizabeth, being a female transporter means “living” and freedom to be her own boss. When she’s out on the road, she’s able to clear her mind and thoughts. There’s something meditative about being behind the wheel.

We applaud Elizabeth’s dedication to her company, herself, and her community. She’s passionate about being a female owner in the transportation industry. Keeping her team going and encouraging high-quality transportation, communication, and delivery shows grit and integrity. Find a Way Shipping can rest easy knowing a powerful woman is at the helm of their ship.

Watch Elizabeth’s story here:

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