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Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Specialty Hauler
Carrier Operation: Interstate, Intrastate Only (Non-Hazardous Material)
CDL#: 801765367
DOT#: 2111297
Other Authority: Avail Upon Request.
Insurance: Full Value Protection – additional charge; 10k Surity Bond, Additional FreightGuard's Cargo Insurance Availiable
Number of Trucks: 2
Number of Drivers: 2
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Boats, Heavy Equipment, LTL, Motorcycles, Other Goods, Special Care, Vehicles
Trailer Type: Flatbed, Power Only, Auto Carrier, Other
H and S Movers is a Towing and Recovery company Operating out of the Mid West, Leading into the East Coast Based out of Ottawa Kansas. We specialize in Sail Boats, Oversize Moves, Speed Boats, Rv's, Motorcycles. We offer all the Blankets, Wraps,and padding and Straps for your property to ensure a smoth move. We Go above and Beyond to ensure a Safe Move and treat everything as if it were our own. We stand behind 100 percent of our work and strive for customer satifaction. We are happy to Scheduel a shipment or if in a Bind, Request a Bid for a fast Honest Responce. H and S Movers can be contacted anytime while in transit. We Have 10k Surity Bond and Offer Trans Insure Insurance. Local Referances can also offered to you at your requesting. We are Availaible 24/7 including Holidays. Our Equiptment includes a One ton Diesel 4x4, a 3/4 Ton 4x4 for power and a 9 ton 30' flat deck Trailer and a 35' Fully adjustable Sail Boat Trailer, Wet of Dry Load.

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