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Quick Haul

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Quick Haul

Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent (with pickup truck/van)
Carrier Operation: Interstate, Intrastate Only (Non-Hazardous Material)
CDL#: Upon Request
Categories Served: Boats, Full Truckload Freight, Horses & Livestock, Household Goods, LTL, Motorcycles, Other Goods, Pets & Livestock, Special Care, Vehicles
Trailer Type: Flatbed, Auto Carrier, Other
Number of Trucks: 1
Number of Drivers: 2
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
Thank you for choosing Quick Haul. We look forward to helping your shipping needs. Quick Haul is currently hauling vehicles, livestock, pets, boats, campers, motorcycles, household goods & Household moves, special care,and some heavy equipment, If its not listed you can ask if we haul it and we will try to accommodate your needs. Every shipment is treated as if it were our own property. We take pictures on pickup and when we deliver. And every shipment can be tracked. Quick Haul is a small Private company located in Kentucky and we service every state with 12 years of shipping experience. We strive to make every customer happy. Quick Haul has the lowest shipping rates availably in the shipping industry today. Let quick haul be your next shipment service provider. THE RIGHT PRICE IS THE BEST PRICE! Thank you Dustin from Quick Haul.

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