uShip Payments & uShip Fast Cash Policy
All transactions equaling $2,750.00 or less from eligible TSPs will be paid exclusively via uShip Payments.

If the customer selects to book and pay through uShip Payments, then they will be given a payment code. The customer can provide the payment code or release the funds from their uShip account upon delivery. Once the funds have been released to the TSP, the funds can be withdrawn from the TSP’s account by selecting a withdrawal method offered by uShip.

TSPs who need funds before delivery may have the option withdraw funds from uShip Fast Cash. In order to do so, the TSP must meet the following requirements:

    • Complete at least one (1) transaction through uShip Payments, with a five (5) day waiting period for first time users.
    • Have at least two (2) pending uShip Payments.
    • Have the account holder’s valid driver’s license on file.
    • Have the account holder’s date of birth of on file.
    • Have a valid credit card on file and an account in good financial standing.

1. Fees: There is a non-refundable fee of $1.00 for every increment of $20.00 for a withdrawal from Fast Cash, which will be assessed at the time of withdrawal. There are no fees to receive funds for completed uShip Payments shipments within uShip; however fees may apply to withdraw from uShip depending on the TSP’s selected withdrawal method.

2. Withdrawal Amounts: When making a withdrawal from uShip Fast Cash, a negative balance is added to the TSPs account. That amount will be paid off when the TSP completes shipments, releasing customer payments. TSPs who choose to withdraw from uShip Fast Cash will be allowed to withdraw up to a certain amount. The initial standard withdrawal amount will be determined from the lower of the two limiting factors in the table below. uShip has final discretion on individual TSP account limits, therefore some account limits will vary as uShip may raise or lower these limits based on a TSP’s account history:

TSP StatusMaximum PercentageMaximum Dollar Amount
Regular TSP25%$500.00
Bronze Power Carrier/Broker40%$1,000.00
Silver Power Carrier/Broker50%$2,000.00
Gold Power Carrier/Broker60%$3,500.00
Platinum Power Carrier/Broker75%$5,000.00

3. Cancellations: In some cases, a cancellation may result in a TSPs negative balance being greater than the amount left in Pending Payments. In that case, the TSP will not be allowed to withdraw further from uShip Fast Cash and may be required to pay off the negative balance that is in excess of Pending Payments via their credit card or other payment method kept on file.

4. uShip Payments Payout: The TSP can only ask for payment through uShip Payments upon delivery (exception: shipments of live animals require payment at pick-up). Releasing payment or providing the payment code to the TSP is the equivalent of making a non-reversible cash payment. uShip Payments is not an escrow service as the customer retains the right to control their payment(s). In the event of a payment dispute when a customer refuses to release the payment code, uShip cannot release payment under any circumstances without the shipping customer’s consent. Only upon a customer giving consent will a payment code be released. uShip can also attempt to contact the customer on behalf of the TSP regarding the refusal of payment and assist in mediating the issue. However, uShip is not responsible for any monetary disputes that reside with a TSP or shipping customer; it is the responsibility of both the TSP and shipping customer to resolve all monetary disputes, damage claims, breach of contract claims, etc. outside of uShip.

5. Collections: If there is no activity on the TSP’s account and the balance is not paid with in thirty (30) days, uShip will contact you regarding the outstanding balance. uShip has the right to suspend, charge penalties, interest and/or send your information to a collection agency for unpaid fees (Section 8 of User Agreement).

6. Policy: TSPs who have the uShip Payments option must accept that form of payment if the customer selects it when booking through uShip. If the customer books with a TSP through uShip and pays through uShip Payments, the TSP cannot ask for another payment and/or another form of payment off-site. If uShip learns of the TSP asking for off-site payment, or if the TSP refuses to do business through uShip because of uShip Payments, the TSP may be suspended from further use of uShip.

Last Revised Date: September 11, 2014