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David B.|ID #961370901
Quote Accepted Nov 21, 2012 | Listed Nov 19, 2012


Malvern, WR14 3NS GB

Residence / Home Business

On Nov 28


Cheltenham, GL50 3EJ GB

Residence / Home Business

On Nov 28

24 mi.
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24Total mi.
2Total Rooms
0Pickup Stories
1Delivery Stories


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2 BR Apt

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Blanket Wrap

Mover, Self Service


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Hi, I am moving the remainder of my items from my ex-girlfriend's house in Malvern to Cheltenham, which she would like removed on the morning of Wednesday 28th November. There are several large items below: Leather Sofa (3 seater) Leather Armchair Leather Pouf (1m square) Bookcase (6ft tall) Plasma 42" TV 2 nests of coffee tables DVD player (30 cm x 20 cm) External Hard-drive (plugs into TV 10cm by 5cm) Stepper (cross trainer) Glass top Dining table & 4 chairs Wardrobe disassembled Bunkbed (no longer needed) 3 Bikes (1 adult 2 child’s) Scooter (childs) Skateboard Patio table & chairs Child's garden bench (1.5m x 1m) Hatstand Weights (approx 4 x 20kg 8 x 10kg) & training bar (10kg) This is the stuff I need removed. Avril (ex-gf) said that she would freecycle the fridge freezer, bunk bed and a chest of drawers but if they haven't gone she may ask them to be removed although I don't want them back. My parents can help pick-up and I can help unload in Cheltenham. It will probably need two guys with a Luton van although I did move in with a long wheel base van but it needed 2 trips although I don't have as much stuff. Hope someone can help. Th