Affiliate Tools Gallery

Create custom easy-to-use uShip widgets and banners for your website or eBay auctions. Our widgets are easily copy-pasted into your site and can help your visitors to list a shipment via our listing widget, find shipments with our saved search RSS feed, or help you generate revenue with our affiliate banners.
Free Shipping Calculator Widget
Increase your income by helping your customers save money on shipping with this easy to use, customizable uShip listing widget to your site. Choose the category, size, and color for your widget, and copy-paste the code into your site.
Create a shipping quote widget.
eBay Widget
Increase your bids by adding a uShip widget to your eBay auction listings and give buyers information about shipping their purchase. eBay buyers can use uShip widgets to gather price estimates for shipping, and show buyers potential savings.
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Affiliate Banners
Add affiliate banners to your site and start making money with uShip. Our affiliate banner can be customized to fit your website's look and feel. Choose the banner you like and add it to your website to get started.
TSP Affiliate Banner
Earn money with your trucking or shipping industry blog by referring service providers to uShip. Our affiliate banners make it easy to earn money when you refer carriers who quote and book loads on uShip.
Find Shipments RSS Feed
Find shipments easier by adding Find Shipments to your website, feed reader, or homepage with our find shipments RSS feed. You can create a custom search feed that will automatically update with the newest shipments in your saved search.