Affiliates Referral Program

Affiliates Rewards

Join now to start earning referral revenue on all booked shipments you generate. Our program is easy to join and set up. Most importantly, it sells.

    • Signup is fast and easy
    • Flexible linking makes it easy to start earning commissions right away
    • Earn 30% of revenue generated from new shipping customers you refer through your link
    • Earn 20% of revenue generated by new shipping companies you send us plus a $20.00 bonus for any referral who quotes
    • Maintain your website and collect commissions -- we’ll do the rest
    • Banners - Horizontal and vertical banners in a variety of sizes
    • Text Links - Option to choose one of ours or create your own
Get started now!

1. Sign in to your uShip account
2. Complete an application
3. Copy and paste the HTML code to your website to create links to uShip

These links will contain a unique code identifying your account so that you’re credited for all memberships generated by your site.

When a visitor clicks one of these links and becomes a uShip member, we track your code, calculate your commission, and provide you with real-time reporting and monthly PayPal payments ($20.00 minimum payouts).

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