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How does the Shipping Price Estimator work?

The Shipping Price Estimator enables you to estimate the cost of shipping without listing the item on the uShip marketplace. Using basic information about your shipment, the Shipping Price Estimator returns the average price paid by other uShip members for comparable shipments.

What is a "comparable shipment"?

Comparable shipments are shipments like yours based on relevant factors such as weight, mileage, location, and type. Of course, uShip cannot guarantee that you will receive quotes that precisely match your estimate, but with over 100,000 service providers quoting, you know you will be getting the best price for your particular shipment.

Why use the Shipping Price Estimator?

Thousands of shipments have been shipped on the uShip marketplace. Using this data, we are able to provide you accurate estimates on shipping large items.

Use the Shipping Price Estimator to:
  • Estimate the cost of shipping your item on the uShip marketplace
  • Tailor your price estimate to your exact specifications
  • Compare other shipping options to the prices paid by other uShip members

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Mon besoin était de faire transporter une petite moto sur 250 km. J'ai changé d'avis car mon contrat a été prolongé sur la région parisienne. j'ai donc proposé de remplacé ...more

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