uShip Payments - Get Paid Fast

uShip Payments helps you get paid quickly online. The customer prepays in full, so money is immediately available in your uShip account upon completion of a shipment.

How it works
  • 1. When a customer books your services, they can choose to prepay for the job in full or use the standard booking deposit option.
  • 2. If they choose online payment, the customer will give you a payment code upon delivery.
  • 3. Enter the payment code in Account Payments, through the uShip Mobile App or via SMS and funds will be immediately released to you.
Do not request the code prior to delivery – doing so is grounds for account suspension, and customers are notified to alert uShip if this happens.
Note for animal service providers: Payment for animal shipments may be made at pickup as required by USDA regulations.
Which shipments does this apply to?
  • On a standard marketplace quote, the customer has the option to choose online payment.
  • All booking requests require online payment.
  • All transactions equaling $5,000.00 or less from eligible TSPs will be paid exclusively via uShip Payments.
  • Applies only to eligible service providers. Eligibility will be determined by our Trust & Safety team and participation in SaferWatch. Once eligible, you will remain in uShip Payments as long as your account is in good standing.
Why are online payments better for your business?
  • uShip customers prefer to pay online – offering online payments means more business for you.
  • Using uShip Payments is the safest way for you to get paid.
  • The customer prepays in full, so you don’t have to worry about chasing down payment.
  • Money goes directly to your uShip account – we have various withdrawal methods available, so you can access funds as quickly as possible, even if you’re on the road.